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RVO International Expansion Coaching Subsidy

Below you will find the new SIB Coaching Subsidy information. It is a direct translation from this page of the RVO website which is in Dutch.

I have added my own notes to provide additional information which are [in between brackets, and in bold], throughout the text.

This Subsidy may be for you if you’re a business owner (of any nationality) whose business is registered with the KvK in the Netherlands and you want to expand your business internationally.

If you have any questions about this subsidy you can contact the RVO here: [email protected] or 088 042 4242.

Information from the RVO Website

Subsidy SIB Coaching
Published on: Apr 1, 2022 Last checked on: May 23, 2022
Belongs to: International business

Are you SME entrepreneurs and want to learn how to best organize your output? With the SIB Coaching subsidy you can hire a coach to guide you in this. After the coaching you will have sufficient knowledge to, for example, write an export plan yourself.

Want to Know More?

SIB Coaching is part of the Support International Business (SIB) scheme. With this scheme you can (partly) finance various activities in international business.

Who Is it For?

SMEs in the Netherlands and the Caribbean Netherlands can make use of this subsidy. You have the ambition and capacity to enter the international market. You already know which foreign sales market best suits your product or service and see opportunities there.

Subsidy Amount

The subsidy amounts to 50% of the costs, up to a maximum of € 1,000.

[My offer is 2,000 euro plus BTW so if your application is approved the RVO will give you 1,000 euro and you will pay the other half of 1,000 euro in addition to the BTW]

• The coaching consists of a maximum of 3 conversations of 2 hours.
• Make a record of every conversation.
• The coach meets the following requirements [I am already an approved advisor by the RVO]:
o has at least HBO thinking and working level
o works for an organization with export advice as its core task
o has demonstrable at least three years of practical experience in carrying out export activities in the target country
o is not the applicant
o is not employed by, employed for or otherwise associated with the applicant
o per 3 months, an advisor may provide coaching services to a maximum of 7 applicants.

How to Apply for this Subsidy

To apply for this subsidy, you must go through the following 3 steps:

Find an advisor that fits your question.
1. Ask the consultant for an offer and a CV. [Send an email to Stephanie @ fireflycoaching.com and I’ll send you an offer and my CV.]
2. The quotation states which services this person will provide and what that service costs per part.
3. Receive a quote and then apply for the subsidy within 3 months at this link.

You must submit the SIB subsidy application yourself, or have it done by an intermediary of your choice. This intermediary is in no way affiliated with the operator or organizer of the activity. A SIB subsidy may not be applied for by the same party that is also paid with this subsidy.

Applying for a subsidy from the Netherlands with eHerkenning 2+
Are you applying for the subsidy from the Netherlands? Then you need eHerkenning level 2+. Don’t have it yet? Then first apply for eHerkenning. Please allow a few days for processing time. [You can apply for the eHerkenning 2+ here and the cost is 21 euro per year.]

After You Apply

We process the applications in the order in which they are received. The date of receipt is the date on which you submit the application. You will receive a decision on your application within 13 weeks.

Is the decision positive? Then we will pay you the subsidy within 2 weeks. The grant will be determined 21 weeks after the award date.

[If your application is approved, then you can notify me and we can begin our work together.]

Random Checks

We check the applications on a random basis. If your application falls into the sample, we will ask you to provide additional information. If you do not respond to our question in time, this may have consequences for the determination of your subsidy. You then run the risk of having to repay the subsidy plus a fine.


I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about this program.

Send an email to stephanie @ fireflycoaching.com.


Stephanie Ward

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