IGNITE : 5 Days of Asynchronous Coaching

If you’ve got a project or offer that you need support with or you want help with your marketing messages or strategy, and you want to move it forward now, this is for you.

How about you and I put our flames together and start a fire.

Instead of one coaching call where we meet together at the same time, this will be focused sparks of coaching sprinkled out over one week asynchronously.

Where you send me messages when it’s convenient for you, no matter what time day or night or where you are (on a walk, waiting in the car, in the bathtub).

And I’ll answer the same day or next (see the details about how it works below). You can leave voice messages or type out your thoughts, or both.

What’s so cool about this structure is that it allows time and space to process the conversations and ideas in between messages. And you’ll be able to sleep on things to let it all sink in and see what comes up next.

You’ll also be able to take action right away and have time to discover and share any questions that arise from that.

And this structure also means you don’t need to carve out a special time to show up and receive coaching. You can continue working in your business and still move things forward in a substantial way.

When the week is done you will know what to do next to keep things moving forward. Remember, action creates momentum.

Remember:Action Creates Momentum

IGNITE Your Business

Here are the details about how we will move your business forward in one week:

  • One week of support on WhatsApp (an app and desktop) you can send voice and/or text messages. (Monday – Friday or any five, consecutive weekdays you choose).
  • You can send messages anytime you want. I will be available from 9 am – 5 pm Dutch time to answer your questions with voice and/or text. I will respond the same day unless your message comes at the end of the day, then I will respond the next day.
  • To keep it streamlined and easy for you to follow, I’ll ask you to send one question per message.

INVESTMENT: 500 euro (plus BTW only for EU folks) Here is a currency converter to figure out what that is for you. There something powerful about moving forward with speed and not delaying. So if this something you want, hit reply and we’ll get this party started. And as always, you’re welcome to ask me any questions you may have about it.

Stephanie Ward

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