Business & Marketing Mentoring

If you’re ready to get clear about your business model, create memorable ways to talk about your business, and to attract more clients and grow your business you’re in the right place.

Whether you’re just starting out or if you’ve been in business for years and you want to take your business to the next level, these are the key parts of your business that you need to feel certain and confident about.

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One-on-One With Stephanie

contact Stephanie WardIf you’re already set with your business model we can start with your marketing messages. And if you’re happy with your business model and your marketing messages we’ll go straight to your marketing strategies.

A strong marketing plan is built on effective communication which is all based on your business model. That’s why we need to start with your business model as the foundation.

“Stephanie thinks outside the box, got me to look at my business with new eyes. Her consultation is Focused, Precise and Specific. Great value.” Kyrin Hall

I can’t wait to help you get into consistent action to attract more clients. Motivating other people to act is second nature to me.

After we work together you’ll be clear about your business goals, be able to easily and effectively talk about your business, and you’ll know exactly what marketing actions to take each day, each week, and each month to move your business forward.

By working with me one-on-one you will get my focused attention on you and your unique business. I’m deeply caring and devoted to building long-term relationships.

When you work with me you will gain a trusted partner for whom integrity, confidentiality with communication and transparency in doing business are essential.

“Once you start working with Stephanie, be amazed with all the ideas that come your way. I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone who needs to take their business to the next level.” Vinita Salome

How profitable you want to be is up to you. You decide what success means for you and I’ll help you make it happen. This is my favorite quote about success: “Success is like yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” Maya Angelou

Spoiler Alert: This will require work, you won’t get any get rich quick promises from me because I’m about what’s real and what works.

You can read about the results my clients have achieved.

My one-on-one Mentoring options are outlined below. Have a look and see what feels like a good fit. And be sure to check out my FAQ page for even more information.

Topics I Can Help You With

Business Model

  • Development of your Products and Services, your Revenue Streams
  • Creation of your Packages
  • Help with your Pricing
  • Support defining your WHO (ideal clients) and your WHAT (how you help them)

Marketing Messages

  • How to answer the question, What do you do?
  • Creating a memorable Title for yourself
  • Generating a Tagline for your business
  • Deciding on your main Call to Action (CTA) and Valuable Free Giveaway
  • Shaping up the structure and content of your website

Marketing Strategies

  • Developing your Marketing Sequence
  • Support in Selecting your Marketing Strategies: Speaking (In person, webinars, video, teleclasses), Writing (Ezines, Blogging, Ebook), Networking (Offline: in person and Online: Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc), Referrals, Strategic Alliance Partnerships, PR, Direct Marketing, Advertising
  • Creating a Marketing Plan based on the Strategies you choose

Options for Working With Me

There are two ways we can work together. One is to spend a day together (either in person or virtually) and the other is to have one or more mentoring sessions over time. More detail on both below.

Mentoring Sessions Over Time

How many sessions you will need depends on how many of the areas mentioned above that you want to cover. We can have a chat about it to figure out what fits for you.

Keep reading below to find out more.


Spend a Whole Day With Me In Person or Virtually

If you’re ready to make things happen now and want to get into action quickly to find clarity and create a strategic plan for your business and you want to get it all figured out in one day, then this is the package for you. Click here for Details & Investment.

Let’s Talk About It

desk-glasses-notebook-3061To find out how I may be able to support you and your business simply send an email to: with:

  1. A brief overview of your business
  2. What you’d like to accomplish in your business by working together, the specific results you’re looking for
  3. And any questions you may have

Then we can schedule a time to talk it over (no obligation) and I will answer your questions.

lets talkEverything you send me is kept in the strictest of confidence. I’ll reply and let you know exactly how I can help you and we can set up a time to talk about it.

If we both agree to get started, we’ll schedule our first coaching call and I’ll send you a Coaching Call Preparation form, a Coaching Agreement, and an invoice.

And since I do all of my coaching over the telephone or Skype (yes, it really works – I promise) we can work together no matter where you live. We’ll just have to coordinate our time zones. In addition to being super effective, it’s really convenient and works well with your busy schedule. And we can use Skype to call (which is free), you can’t beat that.

“Great ideas with great results, I love working with her. I made a small change to my business model that tripled my turnover in just three months!” Jo Parfitt

If you additional questions, check out my FAQ page to find loads of answers.

Let’s discuss your goals and how I may be able to help you. Just send me an e-mail to and we’ll make it happen.


Want a Clear Overview? Get My Visibility Scan & Action Plan

visibility scan & action planIf you’re not sure what you need or where to begin, my Visibility Scan & Action Plan could be exactly what will help you move forward with your business.

My thorough assessment will address your business model and marketing to see where you’re at and how much visibility you have and where you have opportunities to increase your visibility.

Once you’ve completed the assessment and I’ve reviewed it, we will meet via phone or Skype for 20 minutes to discuss it. And after our call, I will send you a summary of your action plan which will be a prioritized list of actions for you to take. This way you will know exactly where to start and the next steps after that.

The investment is 81 euro (exclusive BTW – with BTW the total is 98 euro) $98 USD

What you get:

  1. A thorough assessment that you will complete and I will personally read every single response (it’s not self-scoring, it requires interpretation). You will get a copy of your answers.
  2. A 20 minute discussion about your answers where I I will ask questions and share ideas. We will not have time to review the entire assessment and I will ask you about topics that stand out and share ideas. The time goes by fast (it’s 20 minutes) and so it will be very laser and focused.
  3. An email recap with a list of actions that are prioritized so you know exactly what to do next.

Ready to get into action? Simply send an email to: and let me know you want this and I’ll send you the assessment, the invoice, and we’ll schedule a date to review it.

“Taking stock of where you are is such an important thing to do when you are building a business. Getting to do so with Stephanie’s expert support & guidance is a treat!

Her ability to cut right to the core actions coupled with her incredible compassion and understanding for where you are in your business make for a truly memorable and worthwhile experience.

I highly recommend the Visibility Scan to anyone who wants to take their entrepreneurial journey to the next level!”

allison hamilton-rohe

Allison Hamilton-Rohe





Mentoring Packages


Not sure what your next step should be? Feeling overwhelmed by all of the options. I can help you jump-start your business and get into action. You can also pick a specific topic you need with help with and we will tackle it together (scroll up on this page to the ‘Topics I Can Help You With’ section to see the diagram and underneath it all of the areas I can help you with).

With Every Package You Will Receive:

  • 45 minute coaching call (you can choose the number of calls, see investment below)
  • A recap e-mail after the coaching call
  • I will share all of the relevant resources from my toolbox (programs, assessments, articles, websites, books, etc.)
  • Specific action steps
  • Access to my personal network

One 45 minute call
227 euro plus BTW (227 US dollars)

Two 45 minute calls
417 euro plus BTW (417 US dollars) This is a 8% savings, 2 calls purchased separately is 454 euro/454 US dollars

Three 45 minute calls
597 euro plus BTW (597 US dollars) This is a 12% savings, 3 calls purchased separately is 681 euro/681 US dollars

Four 45 minute calls
767 euro plus BTW (767 US dollars) This is a 15% savings, 4 calls purchased separately is 908 euro/908 US dollars

Five 45 minute calls
937 euro plus BTW (937 US dollars) This is an 18% savings, 5 calls purchased separately is 1135 euro/1135 US dollars

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If you’re ready to shift something in your business, whether it’s your business model, your messaging, or your marketing strategies, we can work together to make it happen.

Six 45 minute calls, once a month (or more frequently than once a month, you can set the timing) plus

  • A recap e-mail after each coaching call
  • I will share all of the relevant resources from my toolbox (programs, assessments, articles, websites, books, etc.)
  • Specific action steps
  • Access to my personal network

1077 euro plus BTW (1077 US dollars) This is an 21% savings, 6 calls purchased separately is 1362 euro/1362 US dollars

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Intensive Support Mentoring is for you if you want me as your partner, by your side, for an entire year. It’s also for you if you want to have comprehensive support for period of time shorter than one year, meeting weekly or every other week. Ongoing and intensive support allows deep and transformative changes to take place for you and your business.

Twelve 45 minute calls, once a month, over a one year period (or more frequently than once a month, you can set the timing) plus

  • A recap e-mail after each coaching call
  • I will share all of the relevant resources from my toolbox (programs, assessments, articles, websites, books, etc.)
  • Specific action steps
  • Access to my personal network

1997 euro plus BTW (1997 US dollars) This is a 27% savings. If you prefer monthly payments instead of paying all at once, it will be 177 euro plus BTW/177 US dollars per month

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Done WITH You®

Done WITH You® packages are the right fit for you if you’re looking for personalized, hands-on support from me to transform your business and reach your goals. It’s somewhere between ‘Coaching’ where we discuss what to do and I advise you and ‘Consulting’ where someone does it for you. Click here to find out more.

Business Clarity & Action Plan Coaching Day

On-on-One, the Whole Day, In Person (or Virtually) with Me. Come spend the day with me, away from your office with no distractions, and get complete clarity about your business. After this private one day intensive, you’ll leave with a unique action plan that you can begin to implement immediately. Get all of the details here.


Small Businesses in NL Who Want to Expand Internationally

Firefly Coaching is designated to perform on behalf of the National Entrepreneurial Netherlands (RVO) individual coach journeys under the scheme Starters International Business (SIB). If you are a Small Business Owner in the Netherlands who wants to expand internationally you may be eligible to receive a coaching voucher worth 2,400 euro to work with me. You don’t have to be Dutch, you can be any nationality as long as your business is registered in the Netherlands. If you are approved, you will be required to pay the 21% VAT on the 2,400 euro which is 504 euro.

It can take between 4 -13 weeks to get an answer as to whether or not you qualify for the voucher. Once you get the voucher, it is good for 6 months (with a possibility of being extended one time for an additional 6 months if necessary). The voucher is for 3 to 5 coaching sessions of an average of 1 1/2 hours each. In addition, you will get meeting recap emails and email support during the program period. In total, you will receive 15 hours of support. The coaching process lasts an average of 4 months. The end result is an action plan that you can execute to increase the amount of business you do outside of the Netherlands.

I have created a detailed guide in English that explains the entire application process (the application is in Dutch). If you want to apply, please send me an email at and I will send the instructions to you.   

If you have questions or want to know more, please send me an email:

DIY Programs

In case you’re not in need of my one-on-one coaching, I’ve created several programs and books you can use to get started right away, on your own time.


If you are not satisfied with the coaching you receive, I offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Be sure to grab a copy of my free special report, 7 Steps to Attract More Clients in Less Time, using the form below.

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