Have you ever dreamed about going away on a Retreat to work ON your business? I wanted that too but couldn’t find what I was looking for so I designed my own Solo Business Retreat.

In this podcast episode I’ll cover:

● How I came up with the idea for a Solo Business Retreat (massive thanks to Anne Scott of Girl Gone International for sparking the idea)
● Why three days away from home
● The reasons for it being a Solo Retreat
● The three areas of my business I focused on
● Where I went and the outcomes for my own business

Press play below and start listening. Or click here to go to my Podcast channel.


Click here to go to my Instagram account and then click on the highlight ‘Solo Retreat’ to see my Stories where I chronicled my Solo Busines Retreat. This is where I stayed.

Read this post for more detail on the three areas of your business to focus on during your Solo Business Retreat.

And check out this post for additional ideas about how to create space to work on your business.

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Are you feeling inspired to plan your own Solo Business Retreat? If so, check out the Retreat Progam I made for you. Get all of the details here. 

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