Charlotte van ‘t Wout is a successful entrepreneur whose innovative ideas are driven by her desire to reach her goals in the fastest and easiest way.

I first met Charlotte in September 2016 at an event where she was speaking. We had a chat before she took the stage after which she left us all inspired and motivated to take action toward our financial security.

I started following her on social media after that event and in 2018 when I saw that she launched a course and was using Instagram as the platform to deliver it, I was intrigued.

So I reached out to her for an interview to learn more about how she came up with the idea and how she was using Instagram to grow her business. Check out that conversation here

Charlotte is the originator of the idea to use Instagram Stories to deliver paid courses. Her first course was on productivity, the price was 15 euro, and had 500 participants.

“Innovation is seeing what everybody has seen and thinking what nobody has thought.” Dr. Albert, Szent- Györgyi

Over the past two years, she has created several additional courses and has had over 13,000 participants across her courses.

Recently, she announced that after working exclusively in Dutch she planned to launch a course in English and expand her market.

I reached out to her again about this exciting move and she suggested we do another interview, so here we are.

In this interview, she shares why it’s NOT a good idea to first run all of your ideas past other people before you get started.

She also talks about why she chose Instagram to deliver her courses and why it’s effective (it’s not only the platform). And also whether or not launching a course using Instagram as a platform will work for other business owners.

In addition, she shares specific and practical tips on how to improve your Instagram Stories so that your followers will watch more often and longer.

The average number of followers that watch someone’s Instagram stories is 10%. Charlotte’s percentage is 50%, this lady knows what she’s doing.

And in case you’re nervous or unsure about being in front of the camera on video, she’s got tips for you on that as well. Because believe it or not, three years ago when she started using Stories she was afraid of being on camera and hated it the first two weeks of doing it.

And if this story wasn’t meta enough already (using the Instagram platform to teach people how to do Instagram Stories) Charlotte also uses Instagram to promote and market her courses.

Watch (or listen to) our conversation below.

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You can follow Charlotte on Instagram here.

Are you using Instagram Stories to grow your business?

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Stephanie Ward

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