Somewhere along the way we’ve been lured into focusing on the wrong things.

It’s easy to see how it happened.

The intentions were good but now things are all out of whack.

Building relationships with people is how you build a business.

How do you build relationships? You find the right people, you connect, and you have conversations.

So what does social media have to do with this?

Well, it can be one of the ways to find or connect with people.

But it’s not the end station. It’s only the start.

That’s what Emmy McCarthy and I dish on in the 6th episode of Business UNVARNISHED in the video below. You can catch the previous five episodes here

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“If you believe business is built on relationships, make building them your business.” Scott Stratten

Looks like Seth Godin feels the same way. Check out his post, Social media is a symptom, not a tactic.

What’s your take? How do you use social media in your business?

Share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

I respond to every single comment.


Stephanie Ward

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