What I Learned About Marketing from Wild Geraniums Stephanie Ward We have wild geraniums growing in our garden.

It’s always a delight because they come back every spring like magic all on their own.

We’ve had an exceptionally dry spring here in the Netherlands and so I’ve been watering the hydrangea plants that would die without the extra attention.

What I recently noticed is that the wild geraniums surrounding the hydrangeas were blooming.

Until that point I had assumed (yes, I know, not a clever thing to do) that it wasn’t time for wild geraniums to bloom because none of the others had produced their lovely flowers yet.

And then it dawned on me. All of the wild geraniums would have already been blooming if they had been watered too.

So what’s all this got to do with marketing? Well, a lot. You may have several marketing activities that you’ve spent time creating and putting into place. And they may be producing some results. But they may not be flowering yet.

What if your marketing activities need just that last bit of tweaking to really take off? Why not invest some additional time and effort on your marketing, just like watering the garden.

The idea of adding a small amount of extra effort to achieve a big payoff is the same idea behind the concept of leverage.

Exerting a minimal amount of energy can create big results. It’s all about leveraging the marketing activities you’ve already put into place.

Information about leverage from Wikipedia: “The earliest remaining writings regarding levers date from the 3rd century BC and were provided by Archimedes. “Give me a place to stand, and I shall move the earth with a lever[note 1] is a remark of Archimedes who formally stated the correct mathematical principle of levers (quoted by Pappus of Alexandria).[1]Chris Brogan talks about the Archimedes Effect in his book fabulous book, Trust Agents.

Take some time and investigate how you can give some extra care and consideration to your marketing so that it produces maximum results.

Think About Things Like

⇒ Refreshing the copy on your website

⇒ Updating the content of your social media profiles

⇒ Narrowing your target market

⇒ Promoting existing products and services

⇒ Upping the level of your customer service

⇒ Putting more effort into your in-person networking preparation and follow-up

Another lesson from the wild geraniums is that relationships matter. Remember, the water that the wild geraniums received that caused them to bloom wasn’t intended for them. They just happened to be next to the hydrangea so they benefited.

So maybe in addition to tweaking your marketing, you can also position your marketing efforts in a different, more fertile, place by associating with other successful businesses in the form of joint ventures or strategic alliance partnerships.

Get started today and make some small changes that can produce sizable results. And be sure to make this a regular habit in your business. A little effort can go a long way in increasing the effectiveness of marketing your business.

© Stephanie Ward

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