Stressed BusinesswomanYou may be aware of them, you may not be.

In any case, chances are high that even if you are aware of them, you probably don’t realize the negative impact they are having on your business.

What are they? Things you are tolerating in your work environment.

Anything you are tolerating is called a “toleration.” Tolerations are situations and experiences that you don’t like, that irritate you and drain your energy.

The great news is that you do have a choice about what you tolerate.

Things You May Be Tolerating

* Stress because you don’t back up your computer files regularly

* Unorganized office files or bookshelves

* Paper piles everywhere

* Desk Drawers and filing cabinets that are overflowing

* Stacks of unread business articles or magazines

* Outdated or barely functioning office equipment (printer/copier, computer, telephone)

* Not having reliable technical support

* Uninspiring office environment (setup, décor, comfort)

* Lack of storage space

* Distractions (interruptions, loud noises)

Are you starting to see how tolerations can slow you down and interfere with your ability to run your business in the most effective way?

Benefits to Eliminating Tolerations

There are many benefits of getting rid of tolerations.  Three of them are:

1. Being more productive

2. Decreasing stress

3. Having more energy

Even better, as you stop tolerating things, you simultaneously raise the standard for how you run your business.  All of these things allow you to be more focused, effective, and profitable.

How to Get Rid of Tolerations

Ready to get rid of all of the tolerations you face every day as you work on your business? Get started by making a list of all of the things you are putting up with that irritate you. It doesn’t matter how small they seem to be.

There are probably quite a few that have been on your mind for some time. And there may also be some tolerations that you have simply come to accept and no longer consciously notice.

Walk around your office and look at everything like you are seeing it for the first time. Notice all of the details and how you feel as you examine your work space. Write down everything that you want to change.  Then make a commitment to take action and eliminate each toleration on your list, one by one, until they are all gone.

When you’ve gotten rid of everything you are currently tolerating, make a decision keep your standards high and create a system to ensure that you don’t fall back into old habits of putting up with things that don’t support your business.

You can do this by establishing guidelines for your work environment. Things like organizing your work space on a daily basis, always having extra storage space, and maintaining and upgrading equipment.

Once you feel that your work environment is satisfactory, why not raise your standards to the next level and make it even more fabulous? Remember, it’s not a luxury to have a supportive work environment. It contributes to the profitability of your business.

© Stephanie Ward

For more on this topic check out my video about Tolerations.

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