This May Be Why People Aren’t Buying More Often

As business owners, we often wonder why we’re not selling more.

Sometimes it’s the simple fundamentals that we overlook.

People can’t buy what they don’t know about. They will also hesitate if they don’t know how much it costs. And even if they see your offer and the price, if it’s not clear what the next step is they may also move on without buying.

There are three key components to selling your offers. And it won’t cost you a thing to put them in place. Here they are.

One, your offers have to be described on your website. Two, your offers need to include your pricing. And three, there needs to be a way to buy your offers.

Maybe you have one or two out of three. That’s great.

But put them all together and you will absolutely increase the chances that people will buy from you.

And if you already have all three parts in place, now is the perfect time to revisit them and look at how you can improve the experience.

Having this complete will also make it easier for people to give you referrals. Yes, that too.

I’ll give you more details on all three and some sample text for each one that you are welcome to use or make your own.

1) Put Your Offers on Your Website

Keep it simple.

Create one page on your website with all of your offers (you can have links for each offer to that lead to pages with additional information).

This page can be called: Work With Me, Services, or Products.

Once the page is set up, when you connect with people live or online who want to know more about your work, you can direct them to this page.

Don’t be shy about sharing your offers. More on that here


The text below could be an online exchange or a real-time conversation with a potential client.

Potential Client: I love the freedom of having my own business but it’s so hard to find and connect with potential clients. That’s where I’m at right now, trying to figure that out.
Me: Funny, that’s actually exactly the kind of thing I help my clients with. If you’d like to know more, feel free to check out the Work With Me page on my website. And if it seems like a fit, we can schedule a time to chat.


Potential Client: Tell me more about what you do.
Me: I help people Small Business Owners connect with more of their ideal clients in a non-creepy way.
Potential Client: I can relate to that, selling isn’t really my thing. How does it work?
Me: I work one-on-one with clients and also have an online course. You can find all of the details on my website on my Work With Me page. And if you have any questions, just let me know. If you like what you see, we can set up a time to discuss further.

2) Put Your Prices on Your Offers

Include pricing for all of your offers. This will save both you and your potential clients a lot of time and energy.

If you do custom work you can include a price range.

The key is to be transparent so people understand if it’s even worthwhile to have a conversation.

More on why you need to share your pricing here

I believe that the services I offer are an investment. Maybe you feel the same way about your offers.

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin

So with each of my packages, I describe what they entail and then below that add the amount of the investment.

You can also simply list the number without any words. And where relevant, be sure to indicate if the pricing includes taxes, or not.

And if you have clients outside of your country, you can add a link to a currency converter.

While we’re on the topic of pricing, please don’t discount your prices. Find out why here


Offer description.
Investment: X euro (BTW exclusive) Convert this to your currency using this Currency Converter


Offer description.
X euro (BTW exclusive)

3) Put a Buy Button on Your Offers

Make sure there is a buy button after each offer.

If you want to talk with people before they buy, have a clear call to action about what a person who is interested in buying should do.

State that clearly and give directions about how to schedule the meeting.

You can do this manually (ask them to send you an email) or include a link to a scheduling service (like Calendly) on your website.


Direct Purchase on Your Website:

Ready to move forward?
Buy Now (button)

If You Want to Talk First:

Is this something for you? If so, let’s discuss. Please send me an email at [email protected] and we will schedule a time to chat.


Could this be the right package for you? Cool, let’s have a conversation. Click on this link to schedule our chat.


Does this seem like a good match for you? The next step is for us to have a conversation. Click here to get it set up.

I hope you’re feeling inspired to take action on this. Transparency and simplicity rule in business.

Have fun either setting up these three components or optimizing your existing process, so that you can serve more of your ideal clients.

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