The Truth About Which Marketing Strategy Really Works


There are so many people with so many marketing ideas telling you what to do and how to do it.

It’s easy to get distracted and end up paralyzed.

The truth is marketing that actually works is anything that involves connecting with people.

Genuinely connecting with people. Engaging, listening, conversing, and supporting.

And it’s about sharing your offers with people and letting them decide if they want it, or not.

It’s not about blasting information at strangers in a one-way direction at people. Read more on this in my post, Skip Strangers and Reach Out To These People

It’s definitely not talking about yourself.

Marketing is all a giant experiment. And it’s ongoing.

You don’t figure it out once and for all and then you’re done.

Embrace this as part of the marketing journey as see it as an adventure.

The tools and channels of marketing may change but the essential core of marketing stays the same, connecting.

Let’s look deeper at marketing as connecting and how it’s also an experiment.

Marketing is Connecting

You can replace the word marketing with the word connecting.

Doesn’t that feel better?

“Connection is the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued.” Brene Brown

What does that look like in terms of marketing to be seen, heard, and valued? Let’s take a look.


Everyone wants to be seen. To be noticed and appreciated for whom they are.

You can acknowledge people by paying attention to the work they are doing and engage with them about it.

You can share the work that people are doing so more people see it.

And if you see what people need you can help them. Get more on this in my post, The No Pressure Way to Market Your Business

Think of an idea you can implement to let the people in your community know you see them.


Feeling listened to and heard is a deep desire all humans have.

It is a rare treat to have someone listen to you and hear what you are saying.

Read more on this in my post, How to Radically Improve Your Listening and Hear Your Clients

What is one way you could listen more to your potential clients?


Sometimes the smallest gestures have the biggest impact.

Taking the time to appreciate someone and thank them for what they are doing is powerful.

We’re all so busy being busy that we don’t take enough time to let the people around us know how grateful we are for their presence in our lives.

How can you make people around you feel more valued?

Read more about this in my post, How Caring More Can Set Your Business Apart

Marketing Is an Experiment

Connecting with people is marketing that works.

The experimenting part is about discovering the best way for you to make those connections.

There are so many channels. What are the right ones?

The answer is easy, the ones your audience uses.

Choose the channels that fit for you and your clients.

It might be sending an email, calling, meeting in person, engaging on social media, or a combination of these things.

New channels emerge and evolve over time.

You can’t be everywhere, pick a few channels work for you and stick with them.

And the tools also change over time; think of the idea of calling someone.

You call someone, they answer and you have a conversation.

The tool we use to make the call has changed over time, but what it means to call someone is still the same.


Part of experimenting is to pay attention to what works and do more of that.

Here is more about how to measure your marketing, How to Stop Wasting Money on Your Marketing

Are your views about marketing shifting?

Can you see that it is simply connecting with other people and that it is actually fun?

Reach out to people, and connect. Listen and be helpful.

Try out different ways to do this and notice what works.

It’s really that simple. Are you ready to start connecting?

© Stephanie Ward

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