You know the endless number of things there are to do as a Meaningpreneur or small business owner.

But if you’re waiting for the never-ending to-do list to get shorter before you spend time working ON your business instead of IN it, you will be waiting forever.

“Far too many people get weighed down in doing, and never take the time to think and feel.” Richard Branson

It is up to you as the leader of your business to understand the value of spending time working ON your business and then make the decision to do it.

In my post, The Argument for More Space Not More Goals, I talk about the three kinds of space you need in your business: space to be, space to think, and space to work ON your business.

In this post I’m going to focus on the space to work ON your business. Space to wonder.

H2 The ROI of Working ON Your Business

Working on your business allows you to see a myriad of issues and opportunities you would otherwise miss.

Becoming aware of these things and taking action will allow you to have more profit and pleasure in your business.

H3 Find Things to Stop Doing

By taking time to examine your revenue streams you may discover that you are offering something that takes a lot of time and energy but doesn’t give you a solid return on that investment or oceans of joy. That’s an offer to discontinue.

H3 Make Space to Develop New Offers

And when you stop doing things that aren’t supporting your business, you will create space for more fresh and profitable ideas. When your mind is clear, you will be able to come up with these new offers with ease.

H3 Create the Mind Space to Raise Your Prices

In reviewing your business model, you will probably realize it’s been far too long since you’ve increased your prices. This one decision to increase your pricing will bring you more profit and confidence.

H2 How and When to Work ON Your Business

Working in your business and on your business requires a harmonic balance. Some weeks or months you may be able to create more time than others.

As a general framework, here are some ideas about how to incorporate time working on your business into your schedule.

Actually go ahead and put this time in your schedule, now. Otherwise it probably won’t happen.

H3 Weekly

I highly recommend that you have at least one day in the week with no client calls or appointments of any kind.

And if you can’t dedicate the entire day to working on your business, dedicate at least half of one day.

H3 Monthly

Take time at the start or end of each month to work on your business to ensure you are building a business that supports you and sustains you.

H3 Once or Twice a Year

At least once a year it’s extremely beneficial to disconnect from the day-to-day and routine work of your business.

To make the most of your time and space working ON your business, if you add in space to be and space to think you form a trifecta of possibility. You design a space to wonder.

Creating a prosperous and sustainable business requires attention at the highest level.

You can do this by going away, by yourself (or with a business bestie), for at least three days. Five if you travel farther away.

This way you can focus, you can go exactly where you want, and you can go when you want.

Go to a place that ignites your soul and makes you feel alive.

Make the decision to go focus on your business, organize the trip, make arrangements, turn on your out of office message, and go.

Not only will this time away enable you to reimagine your business, you will have time to rest and recharge and return more determined than ever.

Give yourself the gift of time and space to work on your business that will reap numerous rewards for you personally and for your business.

This is one of the best investments you can make in yourself and your business. After all, without you, there isn’t a business.

Feeling motivated to schedule some space into your calendar?

Stephanie Ward

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