The One Person You Can Really Trust With Your Business


There’s no shortage of people telling you what you need to do in order to create a successful business.

People claim to know the best way to make money, talk about your business, and connect with potential clients.

But you already know a lot about what you want from your business.

Doubts or fears may arise around making decisions that are necessary to create the business you really want.

And deep down you know what fits for you and what allows you to deliver your brilliance in the best possible way. You can trust yourself on that.

“Self-trust is the first secret of success.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

Does this mean you have to figure everything out all on your own? Not at all.

It’s always helpful to have a sparring partner whether that’s a business bestie or a hired mentor.

Remember, this is your business. You are in charge of deciding what you create.

Your power in your business is your internal knowing of what lights you up. And it’s also knowing the best way to deliver value to your clients with joy and ease.

Let’s look at some of the different concepts that people claim are the only way to go and discuss why that is not the case.

How Your Business Makes Money


You Have to Have One, Signature Offer

The idea of having one, signature offer is that it makes your messaging and marketing simpler. That’s not a lie.

And it doesn’t mean that having more than one offer isn’t a path that works for people as well. This is unique to you, your work, and the people you serve.

You Need Many Offers

Just as there are people who support a singular offer, there are other people who like variety and thrive on having multiple offers.

But is having several offers the best way to make money? Not necessarily. It depends on your offers, your pricing, and your volume of clients.

You Must Scale Your Business

Are you tired of the S word? Scale, scale, scale. Am I against scaling, no. Is it required for you to create a profitable business? Also no.

You get to decide what prosperity means for you in your business. 

Comparing your business to other people’s businesses almost guarantees to bring you down and cause confusion and doubt. Learn more about the dangers of comparison here

Communication About Your Business


You Must Niche for both WHO it’s for and WHAT You Do

If the work you do has a specific WHO it’s for and a specific outcome, your WHAT, that’s fantastic.

But it is absolutely not a requirement that you have a niche for both your WHO and your WHAT. If you have a niche in one or the other, that will make your marketing easier and more effective.

And like many things in business, your WHO and WHAT will likely evolve as your business develops. That is normal.

You Need to Be the Most Expensive Option

I want you to be well compensated for the value you create for your clients.

But pricing is only one indication of your positioning. There are many others. Think about what your clients care about, what is most important to them.

Is it speed, confidentiality, a long-term partner, attention, connectedness, compassion, directness? You get the idea.

Make a list of the things your clients are looking for and that they value. Choose the ones that fit for you and stake your claim and take that position. And talk about it in your marketing messages.

You Can Only Have One Call to Action

I’m a fan of having one main Call to Action (CTA) and that doesn’t mean you can’t have more.

If potential clients are interested in knowing more but aren’t ready to have a conversation, then an invitation to receive your email messages is an excellent additional option.

If you want to mention three (or more) offers in one message, because you know that is what works for you and your clients, go right ahead.

How You Connect with People


You Must Pay for Ads on Facebook

It is possible to create a prosperous business without paying for Facebook ads. I’m not against ads, if you love them and are using them please continue.

The point is to be clear about your goals who you are trying to reach.

You Must Attend Networking Events

These days the majority of events are virtual but still, networking live in a group setting is not a fit for everyone.

Maybe you prefer one-to-one interaction and enjoy connecting with people online using text messages to start.

Doing what works for you means you will actually do it and you will be able to make real connections with people.

You Must Be on Social Media

Social media is one way to connect with potential clients. And it is not the only way.

For more on this see these posts: How to Grow Your Business Without Using Social Media, Which One Is More Important, Social Media or Your Email List?, and Social Media Popularity Doesn’t Equal Business Profitability.

Listen to what your intuition tells you and do what feels right for you and the people you serve. Read more about following your intuition here

And for even more about this read my post, You Really Can Market Your Business the Way You Want

These are just some of the myriad of positions that are presented as black and white options to creating success.

I hope you’re convinced that there isn’t one right way to design and run your business. And that you are the one who knows what’s best for you.

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” Rumi

You can trust yourself to create the business that is the ultimate expression of who you are and the gifts you bring your clients.

© Stephanie Ward

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