The Non-Creepy Way to Discover if Someone Could Be a Client

Here’s the problem. I see so many business owners putting time, energy and money into things that aren’t getting them more paying clients.

Sometimes it’s because they are too focused on their work and haven’t taken the time to discover the end benefit they deliver to their clients and communicate that.

Another problem is not having clear offers. Potential clients need to know what they can buy.

Additionally, the barrier could be that they are afraid or intimidated by the thought of connecting with people and asking for business.

And yes, lack of growth can be a combination of these three things. Let’s tackle them all.

In summary, you need to:
1. Be Clear on the Key Result You Deliver
2. Create Clear Offers
3. Connect With People

1. Know the Key Result Your Clients Get

Let’s solve the first issue. What are the one to three benefits that your business delivers?

What are the results that your clients receive? Make them as tangible and specific as possible.

If you have more than one, select the one that has the biggest impact. The one your clients absolutely crave.

Communicate that one benefit when you talk about your business.

This includes copy on your website, your author bio on blog posts, your business card, and when you talk with people in person.

For example, when I work with clients we will discuss their Business Model, their Marketing Messages, and their Marketing Strategies.

But no one wants to buy that. They want more clients. But by working with them on these things that is the end result, more clients.

One way to get to the end result is to keep asking yourself these questions. The reason clients work with me is to x and that helps them to x which leads to x.

So now you know the main benefit people get from working with you. Let’s move on to your offers.

2. Create Clear Offers

Next, how can people work with you? What can they buy?

Hopefully you’ve worked this out and have it outlined on your website. I think it’s a good idea to include your pricing. Here is more on that: Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Show Your Prices on Your Website

And you may have more than one way they can do that. This way, you have a selection of offers for them to choose from.

If you don’t have an offer, it’s time to create one. Start with something that will help solve your clients’ problems.

For more on your offers check out my post: 8 Keys to Creating Remarkable Offers for Your Clients

Please don’t stress out about this because it will change over time. You will discover what works best as you work with people. Choose something for now and move on to the next step.

3. Connect and Have a Conversation

Now it’s time to connect and have a conversation. That’s it, no sales pitch. No list of objections to overcome. No rehearsed text.

It can be a conversation in person, on the phone, or on Skype with video.

I’m talking about a simple conversation where your sole intention is to discover if that person could benefit from working with you.

You are trying to find out if there is a fit and if you both feel that working together is a good idea.

There’s no pressure and if the person wants to think about it, let her.

So who do you arrange these conversations with?

The easiest, most direct way, is to start with people who already know who you are.

Think about the people in your network, people who have subscribed to your ezine, people who have liked your Facebook page, people who have attended a workshop. Get the idea?

Then you can email them or call them and ask them if they might be interested in the big benefit or result you deliver. And if so, would they like to schedule a time to talk with you about it.

The conversation can also happen spontaneously if you happen to be talking with someone and you see that you might be able to help.

Yes, you must dare to ask if they want to have a conversation about it.

“If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. If you don’t step forward, you’re always in the same place.” Nora Roberts

It’s just a question. The answer can be yes or no.

It’s not a problem if it’s yes, and it’s not a problem if it’s no.

Both answers are good because either way you know where you stand. You will have clarity.

Here’s a sample script, feel free to adapt it to fit your own style.

Hi Susan,

Hope you enjoyed the weekend, I certainly did!

I’m reaching out to you because you’ve been receiving my newsletter for three years now and I love that you came to my talk at the conference last week.

As a business owner, having enough ideal clients is critical. I don’t know if you’re fully booked right now or if you’d like to have more clients.

If you are currently looking for ways to connect with more clients (in a way that fits for you), that is something I might be able to help you with.

Would you like to have a chat about how I could help you do that? If so, let me know and we can schedule something.

Here is a link to my Work With Me page, please take a look and bring any questions you have to the call.

This won’t be a sales call and I won’t pressure you in any way. My intention is to discover if we’re a good fit and if I can help you.

If the time isn’t right for a chat, that’s totally cool with me. I promise.

You won’t hurt my feelings and I won’t take it personally.

I wanted to ask because “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.” Nora Roberts

Let me know what you think.

All the best,


To be clear, I’m not suggesting that you give away your content and start working on the issues during this discussion.

The conversation is about seeing how and where you might be able to help by identifying the person’s goals and answering any questions she might have.

It’s true, sometimes the most simple ideas work the best.

So get clear on your end result and the offers you have to make that happen. Then make a list of people you know who may benefit from working with you and reach out to them.

Take the shortest path between you and potential clients and have a meaningful conversation.

© Stephanie Ward

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