As a Business Owner, you know how important visibility is for success.

Social Media is great but you don’t really know who saw what or how many people actually consumed your information.

You need to be able to measure, in a concrete way, how many people are actually seeing you and your business.

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Visibility leads to connections, connections lead to conversations, and conversations lead to clients.

You can measure your visibility by how many conversations you’re having.

“Visibility doesn’t automatically translate into value, don’t just be everywhere, be where you are most needed.” Bernard Kelvin Clive

Here are two posts to help you translate your visibility into connections and invite more connections to have conversations: The Non-Creepy Way to Discover if Someone Could Be a Client and The Non-Salesy Guide to Writing a Letter to Potential Clients.

How do you measure your visibility? Will you take me up on my challenge to set a goal for a certain number of conversations per week?

Share your ideas, plans, and questions in the comments section below, I respond to every single one.


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