Ever felt like throwing your computer out of the window or smashing your keyboard with a sledgehammer? I sure have.

As a business owner you rely on technology to connect with prospective clients and keep your business running smoothly.  

And like everything else, technology is constantly evolving and changing which can be challenging and frustrating.

So how do you keep up? What do you need to learn and do yourself and what can you hire someone else to do? Because those are really the only choices you have.

Here are resources you can use to figure it out your technical issues as well as resources to help you find the right person to support you.

Be sure to bookmark this page so you can find it again later on when you need it. I use Evernote to capture things I want to keep, read more on this in my post, How to Never Forget Anything Every Again

Teach Yourself

You’re probably familiar with the “Dummies” book series which sells books on all kinds of topics including technical issues. But, did you know they also offer free step-by-step technical instruction as well as how-to videos on their website. When you select a topic they also offer links to similar content on the web.

Use YouTube to search your technical question. I’ve found many solutions there and love to actually see how to do something.

And of course, you can always Google your technical issue and see if you can find the solution you need there.

Get Support

Geek Squad (US Based) can be hired to help you with your tech problems virtually from anywhere and in person if you live in the US.

The Dummies folks also offer technical support, more on that here.  

If you’d like to get someone to help you with a technical issue on your computer from a distance check out this free service TeamViewer that allows someone to access your computer virtually and fix it for you. 

You can search for an answer or ask a new question for free on Quora. 

If you have a small technical issue you can always ask your Facebook friends if they can help you. 

And while we’re on the topic of outsourcing some of your technical requirements, this is a good time to consider outsourcing other areas of your business. For more on this check out my post, 9 Outsourcing Options You Should Not Ignore.

Don’t let fear or frustration about technology stop you from moving forward with your business. Make the decision to tackle any technical challenges you are facing head-on and either teach yourself or find someone to help you.

© Stephanie Ward

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What are your favorite technical resources? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.


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