Do You Know What People Are Saying About You Online? Stephanie WardWhen people share your content with others they are leveraging your work and promoting your business for you.

This makes it easier for you to attract more clients.

By paying attention to who has helped you, by sharing your content, you can thank them and start building relationships.

With all of the technology that’s available it’s quite easy to find out who is interested in your business and sharing your content. And it doesn’t have to cost you any money to find out.

It’s also valuable to pay attention to people who are interested in your business and how they find you.

I’m going to give you five real examples from my business so it’s clear how you can apply these concepts to your business.

Example #1

I got a Google Alert that a business owner had posted one of my videos on her website (she found my video on one of the many websites my videos get sent out to – more on that below).

I went to her website, found out who she was and sent her an e-mail thanking her and included a link to my You Tube channel in case she might like some of my other videos.

Example #2

A guy signed up for my ezine. Later that day I got a Google Alert that one of my blog posts had been reposted. I recognized the company name (from his ezine sign up) and was able to thank him for reposting my content.

Example #3

I’m a member of business network and I received a match from a woman and sent her a positive reply. The same day she signed up for my ezine. I know this because I pay attention to who signs up for my ezine and recognized her name from the e-mail.

Example #4

I take the articles I write for this ezine and post them on various article distribution websites. I’ve received many Google Alerts about my content being reposted on other websites. And again, I thank the people who repost.

There is an additional bonus to article writing and getting articles reposted on other people’s websites. In the author bio of every article I include a call to action inviting readers to get my free special report and ezine. This helps me grow my list.

Example #5

A woman started following me on Twitter, I followed her back. I got a Google Alert that she retweeted one of my tweets. I thanked her for it on Twitter. She then signed up for my ezine.

In all of the examples above I use the consistent call to action to get my free special report and ezine (which is also included at the end of my videos). This allows me to build relationships and continue to share valuable information and offer products and services my readers want.

Are you starting to get curious about who is following you and sharing your content so you can start to interact? Here are some fast and simple things you can do right now to tap into this opportunity.

Your Action Steps:

1. Sign up for Google Alerts (no cost) and create alerts for: your name, your company name, industry terms, your product names, etc.

2. Pay attention to who signs up for your ezine

3. Thank people who repost your content (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

I hope you’re starting to see how paying close attention to the people who are interested in your business can create opportunities to connect and develop relationships so you can grow your business.

© Stephanie Ward


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How do you keep track of what’s being said about you online? Share your thoughts on this below.

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