Get away from it all so you can focus on your business.

If you’re longing for some time, space, and freedom to dream about your business and map out the next phase of the work you want to do, this Retreat is for you.

“Creativity, innovation, strategic thinking, and simply being present don’t require time—they require space.” David Allen 

Your business is like a garden. If you don’t tend to it, pay attention to it and prune and plant where needed, you’ll end up with an overgrown or undernourished plot with weeds.

This Retreat is designed to increase your peace and your profit. You will have room to think deeply about your business and make key decisions that will have an immense impact on your business.

You may have a big breakthrough or you might simply make small tweaks that have the power to shift everything.

If you decide to stop doing something that drains you, that is a win.

If you choose to increase your prices, you will move your business forward.

If you add a new revenue stream you’ve been thinking about, your business will grow.

Plus just being away and having time to think about everything will give you confidence because you will know you’re on the right track. You’ll move forward with clarity and purpose.

Use this Retreat to dream up the “truest, most beautiful version” of your business (as Glennon Doyle says).

The intention is to enjoy yourself while you get to do exactly what you want, when you want, with zero distractions.

“Far too many people get weighed down in doing, and never take the time to think and feel.” Richard Branson

The idea is to take three days away to focus on three interconnected and significant areas of your business:


1. How your business makes money (Business Model)

2. How you talk about your business (Marketing Messages)

3. How you connect with your ideal clients (Marketing Strategies)

By examining these three areas you will make more money by creating new offers, streamlining current offers, and/or increasing your prices.

You’ll save money by getting rid of unprofitable revenue streams.

And you’ll have more time and focus because you’ll be clear about what you really want to do.

Your Business Deserves a Retreat 

Maybe you’ve already dreamed about going on a solo business retreat but it seemed too extravagant or decadent. It’s not a splurge at all, it is an investment in your buisness.

This is your permission slip. It is more than worth it because in addition to business breakthroughs and profitable decisions you’ll make, you will also have room to rest and recharge. Your schedule is yours and you are accountable to no one but yourself. 

And much more important than when or where you will go is the decision that you are going to go. No matter what. The decision to make time to work ON your business.

As Oprah says, “Nothing happens until you decide.”

Solving my own problem

I was searching for business retreats in 2019 and couldn’t find anything that was a fit. Then spring of 2020 arrived and we were mostly all at home for 18 months.

As things started opening up I started searching again. I reached out to the remarkable Anne Scott, Founder of Girl Gone International, to ask if she knew of any fabulous retreats in Ibiza or Mallorca. She said, “You should do one.”

I thanked her and told her that I really wanted to attend a retreat more than facilitate one and that maybe I would make my own solo retreat.

That was on June 9th, I immediately started designing my retreat. 

I decided I wanted uninterrupted time away, at an inspiring location, to think deeply about my business.

In the past I’ve spent one day going to a café for a day to work ON my business, that was fruitful. So I knew if I really got away, for at least three days, amazing things would happen.

The more I thought about it and talked about it with my business besties the more I realized that I must not be the only person who is yearning for this.

Because as a business owner, you know that when you solve a real problem, often one you’re having yourself, that it is likely it could also help other people.

I went on my own Solo Business Retreat at the end of July. I thought it would be amazing, expansive, and restful and it went way beyond my expectations.

Having focused time to work ON my business plus extra free time just to float and decide hour by hour what I would do next was sensational.

The work, rest, and play flowed in harmony and it all just felt so right.

The space allowed ideas to come and breakthrough ideas to just float up. Everything was continually falling into place.

Curious to learn more about my Retreat?

Listen to this podcast and see my Retreat experience on Instagram, click on ‘Solo Retreat’ in Story Highlights.

Your Retreat, My Guidance

Here is a brief overview of how the Retreat works. You choose your dream location, accommodation, and dates for your Retreat and I supply the structure and guidance.

We’ll meet for 30 minutes a few days before your Retreat for a Pre-Retreat Strategy call. And then we’ll meet again for 30 minutes soon after your Retreat a Post-Retreat Action Plan call.

Before your Retreat I’ll send you a physical Retreat Support Kit in the post (snail mail) which includes the entire Program Guide printed out, a journal plus more support gifts. Each Retreat Support Kit contains the same elements and each kit is unique.

And you’ll also have access to the Program Guide online which includes six sections that will provide structure for your Retreat. More details about what is in the Program Guide are below.


You can’t cram designing your business into a 45 minute time slot between client calls.

“You want your physical and social surroundings to change,” says Robert Epstein, senior research psychologist at the American Institute for Behavioral Research and Technology about enhancing creativity. 

If you’re traveling locally you can leave early on day one and be home for dinner on day three.

If your dream Retreat destination is further away and you need a day to travel there and another day to travel home then you’ll want to take off five days.

Retreat Location Ideas

Here is a link to some ideas about where you might want to go on your Retreat.

The idea is that you have three full days to focus on your business. One day for each of the three key areas:

1. How your business makes money (Business Model)

2. How you talk about your business (Marketing Messages)

3. How you connect with your ideal clients (Marketing Strategies)

Depending on where you are in your business and what needs the most attention, you can spend more time on one of the areas than on the others.

This is something we’ll discuss and map out in your 30 minute Pre-Retreat Strategy call.

Time away also helps you get into flow and have the time and space you need to think deeply about what you desire and to create the business you really want.

Here are three more reasons to go away and leave behind the chores and distractions of daily life.

1. Enhance Creativity

Getting away and slowing down can increase your creativity.

“I found that the biggest breakthrough ideas often come from relaxation,” Emma Seppälä 

2. Extreme Focus on Your Business

You know how it goes, even if you batch clients calls and have focus days, things come up. The cost of switching tasks is huge.

According to a University of California Irvine study, “it takes an average of 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to the task.”

3. The freedom to do what you want and enjoy yourself.

You work hard, there is nothing wrong with creating some free time for yourself in between your focused work.

the joy of going on a solo retreat

Group retreats are great if you’re looking for a group experience and want to network. Solo retreats are perfect for a laser focus on exactly what you want.

And it’s not really an either or situation, because they are different experiences. You can do both.

But since you’re a business owner, you know how to take charge and get things done. You don’t need someone to tell you what to do and when to do it in order to take action.

Plus, as I already mentioned, it can be difficult to find a group retreat you really want to attend.

And even if you do find a retreat that fits for you, it may not be at a time you can go or in a place that really excites you.

That’s the beauty of your own Solo Business Retreat, you get to choose the location that makes your heart sing.

You get to choose your happy place, whether it’s a cabin in the mountains or a boutique hotel near the sea, it doesn’t matter whatever delights and inspires you.

Not only do you get to choose the location you get to choose the timing, maybe the weekend doesn’t work for you maybe the week does.

You can also choose the time of year that works for you this is 100% up to you and what suits you.

Before I created this Retreat I searched to see if there was anything else like it out there and couldn’t find anything. As far as I know it’s a one of a kind program. If you know of something, please do let me know.

And if you don’t want to go alone, if you can find a business owner with similar interests and availability, by all means go together.

This longing to get away may be stronger now more than ever since we’ve all been at home for so long. Some of us with children, as well as other responsibilities, are really ready to journey out.

But it’s not about trying to get away from your partner or kids, because even if you’re single, it’s about changing your routine and being in a different environment.

So even if you adore your partner, like I do, it’s just that you need to create space and get away from your regular routine in order to have the freedom to focus on creating your ideal business.

Going solo is perfect for introverts because you get to conserve all of your energy for you and your business.

A Solo Business Retreat is also fabulous for extroverts because you can be as social as you want and still have loads of time to focus on your business.

And if you’re an Ambivert like me, it’s also a match. Time for yourself, time for your business, and if you want to connect and chat with people you can do that.

Maybe you feel like me, and others I talk with, who aren’t so interested in spending their precious time attending massive events and instead you want to use your time, money and energy to invest in yourself and your business.

Hey there, I’m Stephanie Ward, a passionate Meaningpreneur who loves to support inspired business owners to create sustainable businesses so they can make a living doing what they love.

I’ve been working with Meaningpreneurs around the world for over 19 years and know what it takes to create prosperous businesses.

I created this Solo Business Retreat for myself because I couldn’t find the Retreat I was looking for. I hope you enjoy your Retreat as much as I enjoyed mine.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get in the Solo Business Retreat Program:

  • Two, 30-minute calls with me, one a few days before your retreat, a Pre-Retreat Strategy call. And one soon after your retreat, a Post-Retreat Action Plan call.
  • A physical Retreat Support Kit – I will send you the kit in the post (snail mail) and it includes the entire Program Guide printed out, a journal plus more support gifts.
  • The Program Guide – online which includes six sections:
    1. RETREAT PREPARATION: Tips about choosing your Retreat location (this is available to you right now without buying the Retreat Program, click here), an accommodation checklist to help you find the perfect place, a retreat packing list, ideas for sharing you Retreat (or not), pre-work (only if you want to), and tips for things to do before you go on your Retreat.
    2. INTRODUCTION TO YOUR RETREAT: Key decisions, What to do if you get stuck, and how to get the most out of your retreat
    3. HOW YOUR BUSINESS MAKES MONEY (Business Model): Business Model Overview, Business Model – 7 Key Decisions, One Page PDF Summary, Business Model Examples, Additional Business Model Resources
    4. HOW YOU TALK ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS (Marketing Messages): Marketing Messages Overview, Marketing Messages – 7 Key Decisions, One Page PDF Summary, Additional Marketing Messages Resources
    5. HOW YOU CONNECT WITH YOUR IDEAL CLIENTS (Marketing Strategies): Marketing Strategies Overview, Marketing Strategies – 5 Options, One Page PDF Summary, Additional Marketing Strategies Resources
    6. WRAP UP AND NEXT STEPS: Capture your key decisions, celebrate yourself, schedule implementation time.

The investment: 500 euro (plus BTW – only for people in the EU)

Convert this to your currency using this Currency Converter

  • Click on the pink button below which will take you to a form. Type in your name, email, and ‘l want the Retreat’ as the message and send it.
  • Next, you’ll get an email from me confirming your contact details and then I’ll send you an invoice for 500 euro (plus BTW only if you live in the EU).
  • Once the payment is made, we’ll schedule your Pre-Retreat Strategy Call, I’ll send you the Retreat Support Kit in the mail, and you’ll get access to the online version of the Retreat Guide.


More than anything, I want you to take time away from the day-to-day of your business so you can reimagine your business and have some fun while you do it.

And the clarity that this Retreat will give you will also increase your confidence and deepen your motivation to share your work with the people you are meant to serve.

If you’re ready to get away and dream about your business, with structured guidance from me, this Retreat is the perfect program for you.

Click the pink button below which will take you to a form. Type in your name, email, and ‘l want the Retreat’ as the message and we’ll get this party started. 

If you have any questions about anything, please send them over to me at I’m here to help you.

I Want the Retreat

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