Reach New Groups of Your Ideal Clients by Being a Podcast Guest

The work you do in your business is meaningful to you and makes a massive difference to your clients.

If you could only expand your exposure, and increase your visibility, you could support even more people. But how do you do that?

One way is to be a guest on a Podcast. What goes through your mind when you hear the word that word, Podcast?

Keep in mind that just because you’re not listening to podcasts doesn’t mean your target audience isn’t.

So whether you’re podcast-savvy or not quite sure what it’s all about, being a guest on a podcast is a remarkable way to increase the visibility of your business.

Podcasting is hot and getting hotter. For more on this check out this post, The Appeal Of Podcasts Shows No Signs Of Slowing.

So if you’re looking for a new avenue to reach more people, being interviewed on a podcast is an excellent option to connect with a bigger audience.

“The hallmark of successful people is that they are always stretching themselves to learn new things.” Carol S. Dweck

The good news is that being interviewed is generally less work than guest blogging. So if you like to talk, this is perfect for you.

And more than likely you already have the tools you need to be interviewed on someone’s podcast, an external microphone or a headset/earbuds and your computer.

Once you’ve been on one podcast, you can use that to help you get interviewed on other shows.

So let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of making this happen.

How to Find Podcasts That Fit

The idea is to reach more of your ideal clients. You want to connect with Podcasters that serve the same audience you do, but who offer a different product or service.

To find shows that you could be a guest on, you can start by searching iTunes. You can also search Google using keywords about your business. For example I might search ‘top small business podcasts.’ And finally, maybe you already follow someone who has a podcast that you’d love to be on.

How to Approach Podcasters

As always, don’t make it all about you. Make it about them and what’s in it for them and their community.

I wrote a post on how to write a letter to a potential client, The Non-Salesy Guide to Writing a Letter to Potential Clients. You can use this exact same approach to write a letter to potential podcast interviewers.

What to Talk About

Most likely you will get a list of questions prior to your interview. If not, you can propose a list of questions you’d like to answer. The goal is to share valuable information that your ideals clients will benefit from hearing.

Make it about the people you help, and not about you. Learn more about this in my posts: Do You See Through Your Client’s Eyes & Are You Making This Mistake When You Talk About Your Business.

Leverage Your Interviews

Your interviews will obviously be shared with the Podcaster’s community which is the goal, to reach a new audience. But don’t forget to share it with your community as well.

Create a blog post and embed your podcast interview and then share that blog post on all of your social media channels and your list of subscribers. Here is an example of a podcast I was a guest on.

In addition to being on other people’s podcasts, you may even be thinking about starting your own podcast. That’s a whole other post but here’s some fabulous information to set you on your way, How to Start a Podcast by Pat Flynn.

Don’t wait, take action today to get in touch with at least one person and ask them about being a guest on their podcast. And remember this quote by Nora Roberts, “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.”

© Stephanie Ward

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Have you been a guest on a podcast before? What would stop you from asking to be a guest? Share your thoughts and questions below in the comments section.

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