DIY Business Growth Programs

Hello fabulous business owner looking to attract more clients. In case you’re not in need of my one-on-one coaching I’ve created several programs and books you can use to get started right away, on your own time.

Have a look below and let me know if you have any questions about any of these products. You can ask me anything, fire away by sending me an e-mail: . I’ll be happy to help you figure out which product is right for you.

5 Low-Cost Ways to Get Clients Now

1Is your marketing taking too long not bringing you the results you want? Is it costing you too much money? You want low-cost and super-fast ways to attract more clients that work, and I want to share them with you in this practical webinar. The strategies I’m going to share with you will get you into immediate action and produce quick results, meaning more clients. It’s all about leveraging your existing connections and stepping up your visibility. Get all of the details here: 5 Low-Cost Ways to Get Clients Now.



Most Effective Way to Connect With Prospects

2As a business owner you need a way to connect with prospects that is time efficient and effective. It’s not possible to have one-on-one interaction with every single person who is interested in your business. Furthermore, there’s a huge group of people who are interested in your business but you’ll never meet them. That’s because when they visited your website there wasn’t a clear offer for a free giveaway & ezine along with a sign up form. So they left your website and probably won’t return. That is why you must be able to capture a visitor’s email address the first time they visit because that may be your only chance. Check out everything in this program here: The Most Effective Way to Connect With Prospects: Offer a Valuable Free Giveaway & Ezine.



No Sweat Networking

If you’re a reluctant networker and want to learn how to network with no stress, this book is just the thing for you: No Sweat Networking.

No Sweat Networking Stephanie Ward









100 Things to Be Before You Die

100 Things to Be Before You Die Stephanie Ward

It’s easy to get caught up in all the things there are ‘to do’ and forget about just being.  If you’d like to slow down and reconnect to with how you are being then check out my book, 100 Things to BE Before You Die.

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