You Probably Have No Idea You’re Making This Promotion BlunderOn a daily basis I see a lot of business owners making one big mistake when they announce and promote their latest creation.

It happens frequently on Facebook and other social media platforms as well.

It also happens in ezines, blogs, videos, website copy, sales pages, and during speaking engagements.

Basically, it can happen on any platform or in any situation where you can communicate.

The blunder these business owners are making is that they make the message all about them instead of making it about the people they are serving.

I don’t think it’s intentional. And I truly understand how it happens.

You’re so excited about your new project because you’ve busted your brains on it and it’s finally done. I get it.

The thing is, that although many people will be excited for you and your accomplishment, you will get way more engagement if you make it about them and what they will get.

After all, that’s the reason you’re sharing your new creation. You want to engage people and get them involved.

Let me give you some concrete examples. And keep in mind, this is meant to help you and not to make you feel bad.

So if you’ve made any of these mistakes, give yourself a break. You’re probably not even aware you’ve been doing this. And you can do it differently next time.

Example #1

“Here is my new article/blog post.”

The problem is that unless you’re famous (and even then) some people won’t know what your new article or blog post is about.

So include the name of the article or start with why it would be interesting to read and what will the person take away after reading it. Something like this:

“Have you been looking for a job? Here are 7 mistakes you might be making that are keeping you from getting the interview, [insert link to post].“

Example #2

“My book is done and I’m so excited.”

I get that you’re excited about your book, and you can say that. Just don’t start with it. Again, start with the benefit someone will get by reading it. Here’s a better way of sharing your new book.

“Do you dread exercising but want to get fit? There is a fun way to get moving that doesn’t take a lot of time.

Sound good? If so, you may find my new book, Fitness Can Be Fun, your perfect solution to better health through work outs you actually enjoy.

I’m so excited to be able to finally share this with you after a lot of hard work. I hope you enjoy it.” (this last part is optional)

Example #3

“My new workshop is finally finished! I thought I’d never get it done, it’s been a lot of hard work. I’m so happy to share it with you now.”

Again, you’re welcome to include this if you want to. Just make sure it’s at the end, after you’ve presented it from the perspective of your audience. A more effective approach would be:

“What if there was a way to ask for a raise at work that wasn’t stressful and has an 80% success rate? There is, discover how in the upcoming workshop: Ask For The Raise and Get It. Find more details and registration here, [insert link].

One quick test for any messages you’re about to share is to look for words like: “I”, “Me”, and “My” and replace them with “You” and “Your.”

I hope you’re starting to get a feeling for what I’m talking about here. With a few easy changes you can promote your work in a way that will increase the amount of interaction you receive.

So the next time you have something to share, whether it’s the written word or a message you’re sharing in a video or when you speak, make sure it is all about your audience and what they will get.

“Make it about them not about you.” Simon Sinek Click to Tweet 

Trust me, if you do this you will see a lot more engagement and interest in your message.

For even more on this topic be sure to check out my video: Are You Making This Mistake When You Talk About Your Business and my post: Do You See Through Your Client’s Eyes?

© Stephanie Ward

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What works for you when you promote your work? Share your thoughts and questions below in the comments section.

Stephanie Ward

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