When I left The Next Web Conference last Friday evening my brain was full of fascinating concepts and fresh ideas for my business.

Since then I’ve had time to distill everything I heard and have gathered up some nuggets of wisdom to share with you that I hope will inspire you and help you grow your business.

Mario Sundar, the “Corporate Social Media Person” for LinkedIn shared some interesting insight as to how LinkedIn uses social media. On Facebook, LinkedIn has over 50,000 followers.  They use Twitter for PR and customer service and have over 66,000 followers on @LinkedIn. They also have a LinkedIn blog.

Mario shared the metaphor that social media is like peanut butter, it goes with everything and makes anything better.

Steve Rubel, Director of Insights for PR giant Edelman shared his thoughts on how quickly social media content decays.  Content evaporates quickly, Tweets are like melting snowflakes.

How Twitter content decays:

  • 71% of Tweets get no reaction, 23% get @reply, 6% get ReTweet
  • 92% of ReTweets are within the first hour
  • 85% of Tweets with @replies get just one

How Video content decays:

  • Online Video Attention Span after 10 seconds is 89.61%
  • Online Video Attention Span after 20 seconds is 80.41%
  • Online Video Attention Span after 30 seconds is 66.16 %
  • Online Video Attention Span after 60 seconds is 46. 44%
  • Online Video Attention Span after 2 minutes is 23.71%

The focus now is on “Attentionomics” and how to get people’s attention which has to do with TIME and SPACE.

Space meaning where you add content and that you need to share different content on different platforms.  Steve said, “Social isn’t a channel, it’s behavior.”

And time meaning when you share content, the day of the week and the time of day.  Some tools he recommended are: Hootsuite, and Facebook Insights.  You need to plan, test, and measure.

Mike Butcher from TechCrunch talked about the “Jay Leno” rule which is to spend the first 15 minutes talking about interesting things and the last 5 minutes about yourself and what you’re up to.

Mike Lee who appeared on stage dressed as a pirate (so you would remember him – I did) discussed the importance of emphasizing experience and understanding people.





Mark Randall of Adobe shared an emotional story of his early days as an entrepreneur and how he lost his best friend to a heart attack on the verge of their big payoff.  And how he discovered that the meaning is more important than the money.  And he discussed his vision about how technology could completely transform the broken education system.  He remarked, “Thinking is more important than knowing.”

Tammy Camp talked about Fantasies versus Dreams in her keynote.  I interviewed her about her top marketing tips, check it out and get the link to her entire presentation here.

Robert Scoble gave some hot tips and shared some of his favorite new tools. Check it out below.

Check out the 18 finalists of the Startup Rally here.

It was an amazing conference and it would have been great to see more female speakers, but that’s unfortunately something that seems to be the norm. More on that here.

Got an opinion about any of this, share it below!

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