Connecting with people in person is a wonderful way to build relationships and grow your business.

But it’s not the only way and there are plenty of alternatives to meeting in person.

Luckily technology makes the options abundant. And going old school with analog is also a great choice.

In this video, l share a bunch of ways to connect with people without leaving your home.

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Digital Connection

Text Messages

• Text messages using your phone
• WhatsApp
• Instagram DM
• Twitter DM
• Facebook Messenger
• LinkedIn Messenger

Voice Messages

• Facebook Messenger
• WhatsApp
• Instagram DM
• LinkedIn (app only)

Video Messages

• Exchange video messages that don’t disappear using Marco Polo app
• Record a video for someone on your desktop using loom

Analog Connection

Send a Card in the Mail

Elizabeth Gilbert had collaborated with Emily McDowell to create a new inspirational line of greeting cards

Send a Small Gift 

You could send flowers, cookies, balloons, or a gift certificate.

Reach out to someone today, actually every day, and say hello and ask how they are doing.

What’s your favorite way to connect with people from a distance?

Share your thoughts and questions in the comments section below.

I respond to every single comment.

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