I was delighted when Vivian Acquah recently recommended that I invite neuroscientist, Dr. Marcia Goddard to be a guest on my podcast.

When I reached out to Marcia to ask if she would be interested in talking about how she has marketed her business she wasn’t sure I was knocking on the right door.

She told me she had never really had a marketing strategy and that most of her clients had come from referrals and inconsistent posting on LinkedIn.

I replied to say that those things are actually marketing. And as it turns out, she has done many brilliant things to grow her business. She just wasn’t thinking about them as marketing.

You will LOVE listening to this podcast where she shares her journey of starting her business and which marketing actions have worked well for her.

So if you’re a ‘hesitant marketer’ you will surely be inspired by Marcia’s story and also gain practical advice you can use in your own business.  

Listen or watch below.



Here are links to Marcia’s Business: ⁠Brains Matter Consulting⁠ and Non-Profit: ⁠Business Contentment Foundation⁠.

Which strategies are you inspired to use for your business?

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