A Marketing Template for Every Day, Week, Month, & Year of Your BusinessYou’ve got a million things to do as a business owner.

And you may wonder what you should you do for your marketing and how often.

Let me start off by saying I’m a huge fan of tailoring your marketing to fit you and your business.

There’s no set formula that everyone needs to follow to be successful with their marketing.

But I hear from a lot of people that they struggle with knowing exactly what they should be doing every day to market and promote their businesses.

So I created a general marketing template that you can tweak based on the marketing strategies you use.

Adjust it so that it works for you, the whole point is to create a plan that you will actually follow.

You can do less or more than I’m suggesting here. The key is to commit to a certain level of activity and stick to it. You can always adjust it later.

Remember, action creates momentum which will help you make marketing a habit. For more on this read my post, Secrets to Making Marketing a Habit  and The Real Key to Getting Results from Your Marketing.


Choose Your Daily Marketing Time

Set a time of the day for your daily marketing actions. For example you could decide to take action right before lunch, at noon, if you do it once a day. If you do more, you could pick morning, lunch, and before closing down for the day.

Share Social Media Updates

Post one update on all of the social media channels you use (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.). You can use Hootsuite to share the same post to multiple channels simultaneously. Discover more here, The Best Tool for Managing Your Social Media. [5 minutes]

If you’re not sure what kind of content to share, keep reading. I’ve got tips for you on this near the end of this post.

Connect with People Online

Invite people you know to connect on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Follow people on Twitter who are potential clients or partners. Use the search function on Twitter to find people to follow by typing in key words related to your business. Learn more here, Networking in 5 Minutes a day.  [5 minutes]

Respond to Others

Respond to requests to connect or and to comments on social media and your blog. Also, ‘Like’ other peoples’ updates and comment on them as well. [5 minutes]

To be able to respond, you must know that people are interacting with you.

That’s why it’s critical to make sure you either get email notifications about activity on your social media profiles (check the notification ‘settings’ on each platform) or that you proactively visit each platform on a daily basis.



On Monday morning review your marketing actions for the week. Make sure that all actions have a scheduled day and time in your agenda.

On Friday afternoon review your marketing actions from the previous week and make any necessary adjustments for the upcoming week. [15 minutes]

Check Google Analytics

You need to know who is visiting your website and how they are getting there. Google Analytics provides you with a ton of valuable information and it’s free. [5 minutes]

Reconnect With One Inactive Client

Either send an email or pick up the phone and get in touch with one inactive client. Ask what they’ve been up to and how things are going. [5 minutes]

Give One Referral

This is so easy and fun to do. This builds trust and deepens your connections. For more on this check out my post, The Secret That Makes Giving Referrals Easy. [5 minutes]

Join New LinkedIn Groups

Join LinkedIn groups where your ideal clients are members. I see a lot of people making the mistake of mainly joining groups that relate to their industry.

If you’re already at your limit of 50 groups, then take some time to evaluate the groups and make changes if necessary.

For more on this check out my post, How to Use LinkedIn to Groups to Connect With More People. [10 minutes]

Connect Two People

Think about the people in your network that you’ve been in touch with recently. Which two people could you introduce to each other?

It’s fun and easy to do. For more on this, check out my post: Connect People To Each Other and Watch Your Business Grow. [10 minutes]

Twice a Month or Monthly

Monthly Planning

Set aside 30 minutes at the start of each month to review where you’ve been the previous month and what you have planned for the current month. [30 minutes]

Do Your Top Three Marketing Strategies

Let’s say for example that you’re top marketing strategies are: Networking, Writing, and Strategic Alliances.

Then you would attend one networking event, write one article, and spend time developing your strategic alliance partner relationships.

Block out the time for these marketing activities in your agenda and stick to it. [4 hours each, total of 12 hours]

Publish Your Ezine

If you don’t have an ezine how are you staying in touch with your prospects and clients?

Make the decision today to start building an email list, it’s easier than ever. You can use MailChimp for free up to 2,000 subscribers.

For more on this read my posts about email list building. [2 hours]

Share Your Content on LinkedIn Groups

Post a piece of your content (blog post or video post) to all of the LinkedIn Groups where you’re a member. [10 minutes]



Near the end of the year schedule at least 4 hours and review your marketing activities for the past twelve months. Analyze what worked and do more of that.

And ditch the things that required a lot of time or energy (or both) that did not deliver great results.

This is also a good time to consider adding an additional marketing strategy to the mix. More on this in my post, Normally I tell Business Owners Not to Do This.

Marketing is a continuous experiment and you have to be willing to try new things and measure what is and isn’t working. [4 hours]

Content: What and Where

Here are some ideas for the type of content you can share.
1. Your content (you can share it more than once)
2. Other people’s content
4. Useful resources and tools
5. Book recommendations

To find content you can always search Google and it’s also a good idea to have some sources come to you.

You can do this by getting ezines from people in your industry. You can also follow industry leaders on social media and discover content there.

It’s also smart to have a place to collect interesting content so you always have options. I love to collect my information on Evernote (more on that here, How to Never Forget Anything Ever Again).

You can use any method that works for you, just decide on something and get started.

This marketing template doesn’t cover every possibility and is fairly general on purpose. Why, because big, fancy, detailed plans rarely get implemented.

And I want you to take action on a consistent basis. So take this template, make it your own and get busy.

© Stephanie Ward

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How do you plan out your marketing? Share your comments and questions in the comments section below.


Stephanie Ward

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