Here’s Why People Are Ignoring Your Call to Action Stephanie Ward

Do you ever find yourself wondering why more people aren’t taking you up on the things you offer them?

It’s possible there’s an extremely simple explanation.

You’re not giving specific direction and making it easy for them.

People are busy and don’t have time to try to figure out what you want them to do or search for a website link.

It’s time to take a serious look at all of your offers and make sure you are presenting them in a clear way and that your offers are drop dead simple to accept.

In marketing this concept is called a ‘Call to Action’ – the one action you want someone to take in regard to a particular offer. It is critical that you understand this idea and put it into practice immediately.

First I want to discuss what I think should be your main Call to Action and I’ll mention some of your other Calls to Action that might need some help.

Main Call to Action

Your main Call to Action should be to invite someone to join your mailing list. This allows you to stay in touch with people and build relationships over time.

The Call to Action to “join my mailing list” is not an appealing offer so you want to be sure you present it in the right way.

I recommend that you offer a valuable free giveaway that includes a subscription to your ezine. Find out more about free giveaways in this video and article. Your giveaway needs an enticing name as does your ezine.

How to promote your main ‘Call to Action’


  • At the top of your website sidebar
  • In your e-mail signature
  • At the end of every blog post
  • On social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)


  • When speaking
  • At networking events
  • On your voice-mail
  • On the back of your business cards

Tips for Other Calls to Action

‘Like’ My Facebook Page

You want someone to ‘Like’ your Facebook page. This may seem obvious but please include the link. And make sure you shorten it first using for two reasons.

First, a long url looks messy. Second, when you use bitly you’ll be able to track how many people click on the link.

Come to My Event

You want someone to come to your event or workshop. Again, please include the link to the page where they can sign up (use bitly to shorten it). And in addition, include some of the key information like the main content, date, time of day, and investment.

For more tips about how to get more people to attend your events, check out my post: 2 Big Mistakes You May Be Making When Promoting Your Events.

Read My Blog

You want people to read your blog. What I’ve seen a lot lately is that there isn’t an e-mail sign up option for blog updates.

You probably have an RSS sign up option but the truth is most people don’t use RSS. So please add an e-mail sign up option to your blog. A service you can sue for this is Mail Chimp which is free up to 2,000 subscribers.

To get even more tips on how to increase your blog readership take a look at my post, Why Your Blog Posts Are Not Being Seen: 9 Ways to Fix This.

This stuff is super easy to do and doesn’t require a lot of time to implement. You just need to get into the mindset of making all of your requests clear and ultra simple.

Take some time now to examine your current calls to action and fine-tune them so they are more effective. Then as you move forward, keep this concept in mind every time you make an offer so you’ll get a much bigger response.

© Stephanie Ward


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What is your main Call to Action? Share your thoughts and questions in the comments section.

Stephanie Ward

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