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Erno Hannink interviewed me about why a niche is important for your business.

As a speaker for the GTD Summit on the first day, I was also invited to do this interview on day two. Watch the interview here.

I was shortlisted for Blogger of the Year by Digital Women Awards 2021The Blogger Of The Year award recognises and rewards individuals who have created a well-respected blog or vlog within their area of work.

Being able to write or film effectively to capture the attention and hearts of an online audience is an incredibly important skill. Well-written blogs and well-produced videos often educate, influence and shape the decisions of a page’s or company’s followers.

CULTURS: The Global Multicultural Magazine featured an interview with me called in their print version: International Business Smarts.

The Art of Divine Selfishness PODCAST Episode 36 – Forget marketing. Focus on connection with Stephanie Ward


CULTURS: The Global Multicultural Magazine also featured a piece on the digital platform: How Expatriate Stephanie Ward Became A “Meaningpreneur”

FABULOUS AFTER FIFTY! EPISODE 12 – STEPHANIE WARD – STEP OUT TO ACHIEVE MORE How Spending Time in Nature Will Make You a More Profitable Business Owner and Better at Everything You Do


In this interview for The Lockdown Economy, we meet Stephanie Ward, founder of FireFly Coaching, a business and marketing mentoring company for entrepreneurs all around the world. Stephanie talked about the ways in which she has helped her clients overcome the challenges of the pandemic by diversifying their business to obtain multiple revenue streams. She talked about the importance of connecting with clients on a personal level by sending messages of encouragement, supporting their social media presence and even using ‘snail mail’ to connect!

Sandra van der Lee interviewed me for the UNCONVENTIONAL Marketing Summit about how to market your business in a human way. Check it out here.

Austyn Smith and I had a heartfelt conversation on her podcast, Global Expat Hour. We talked about where I grew up and how I ended up in the Netherlands. Plus a lot of business talk about how to connect with more of your ideal clients in a meaningful way.  Listen in here.

Sofia Simeonidou interviewed me for her series: new stardom. THE NEW WORK LIFESTYLE. Check it out here.

Suze Maclaine Pont invited me to be a guest on her Podcast as part of The Money Interviews! Series. We talked a lot about money and a whole lot more.

The Amsterdam American Business Club featured me in their Monthly Member Spotlight. I love this club, I’ve been a member for years.

After my talk at the SPARK Conference, Marja Godvliet and I sat down for a brief interview about the next step for female entrepreneurs and how to stand out from the noise. Check it out here.

Vision 2020: Conversations with Women Entrepreneurs. Allision Hamilton Rohe of Daily Outfit interviewed me about my vision for women entrepreneurs and how I stay motived plus a lot more.

Tammy Parrish from The Clothing Compass asked me to share my best tips for speaking in this interview.

Marja Godvliet of The Women Entrepreneur Club interviewed me for her video series ‘WE Rise’ to find out how brilliant women have built a thriving business in their own unique way.

Dimitra Kassari interviewed me for the Expat Women Netherlands group about where to find ideal clients and how to connect with them in a human way.

This time on Angloinfo we have the wonderful Stephanie Ward as our Expat in the Spotlight. Thanks Stephanie for taking the time to answer our Q&A. Stephanie helps businesses grow by using her extensive expertise to make sure they are making the right marketing choices. A seasoned networker, if there is a networking event in Amsterdam she is sure to be there.

The lovely and talented Sarah Black interviewed me on behalf of Families in Global Transition (FIGT) about how to tell your story and find your dream work.

Naomi Hattaway interviewed me about How to Build Purposeful Relationships & Authentic Partnerships.

Nicole Blyth interviews Business and Marketing Mentor Stephanie Ward where she shares her tips and insights to make it easier for you to connect and build relationships with customers (because spoiler alert, that’s what marketing is).

Thriving Abroad invited me to be a guest on their podcast. In this interview, I share the story of how I followed my heart from the US to the Netherlands then followed my head to leave a job I wasn’t enjoying to set up her own business. 

Dominika Miernik of DM Coaching ( interviewed me about how to use mindfulness to make marketing easier.

Stephanie Ward of Firefly Coaching​Get my take on confidence and what Dutch and American women can learn from each other. This article originally appeared on November 5, 2016 in the magazine VROUW that is part of the weekend edition of the Dutch newspaper, De Telegraaf.

Amel Derragui of Tandem Nomads invited me to be a guest on her podcast where I answered the ever-present question, “What do you do?”

Elizabeth Sensky featured an inteview on her blog where I answered her questions ranging from my morning routine to dealing with setbacks.

I answered 10 questions about life in the Netherlands and reveal the dirty little secret the Dutch don’t want you to know in this interview with

Annemarie Cross interviewed me for her podast, The Ambitious Entrepreneur about my best tips for effective networking.

Nicholla Henderson interviewed me for her podcast, The Learning Curve, about my entrepreneurial journey. I spilled the beans on: how I get things done, what books inspire me, how to deal with failure, and a whole bunch more.

CRAVE Amsterdam interview for the book.

Tiffany Jansen interviewed me for her Clogs & Hotdogs blog An American in Holland.

Daniella Rubinovitz interviewed me about how to turn a vision into reality.

And if you haven’t grabbed a copy of my Free Special Report, 7 Steps to Attract More Clients in Less Time, you can get your copy now. Just fill in your name and e-mail below and click on the button that says ‘Get the Report’.

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