How to Work Exclusively with Ideal Clients It’s no secret that as a business owner, you want to attract more clients to your business.

And you want to attract clients that are the best fit for your business.

Of course it is easier to do this when you are very clear about the specific problems your business solves and for whom you solve them.

Imagine taking it one step further. In addition to marketing to your target group with a specific solution, think about selecting specific clients you would love to work with and focus on building relationships with them.

Why Selecting Your Clients is Optimal

It can be draining on you, and your bottom line, to work with clients who are not a good fit. Remember, you don’t have to work with clients just because they want to work with you.

When you are selective about your clients, your business will be more profitable. And that’s not all. When your business relationships are mutually beneficial, they will also last longer.

When you select specific clients you want to work with, your marketing is more focused which means better results in less time.

You’re already spending time and money in an effort to reach potential clients. The only shift you need to make is in your aim, and make it focused on specific people or companies instead of a random blast into the market.

Think about it, it will probably take about the same amount of time and energy to engage a less than ideal client, as it does an ideal client that you select. So choose to be proactive instead of reactive.

Where to Find the Time and Resources

If you’re thinking that you don’t have any extra capacity to take on new selected clients, I’ve got some ideas for you.

Take a look at your existing clients and see who is taking up a lot of your time but not bringing your business very much revenue.

It’s OK to let clients go if they aren’t a good fit for your business. This might seem scary at first and remember that this will free up resources that can be directed to your new select clients.

You’re probably familiar with the Pareto Principle which says that 80% of your revenue comes from 20% of your clients (for more on this topic read my post, Why All Clients Are Not Equal). Identify your best clients and consider parting ways with clients who are not ideal.

If you’re satisfied with all of your current clients, and don’t have time to focus on new clients, it may be time to add additional resources. If you’re not ready to hire an employee you can think about outsourcing.

How to Determine the Clients to Select

First define your ideal client (if you haven’t already done so). Then do some research and identify the clients who fit your profile and create a prioritized list of the people or companies you would love to work with.

One way to do this is to search for companies on LinkedIn. Connect with them and begin a dialogue to see if there is a fit.

Are you beginning to see that you can grow your business, with less effort, by re-evaluating your current clients and selecting new clients?

Make the choice to pursue what is good for your business instead of settling for or waiting to see what comes your way. Harness your marketing energy and attention in a focused way to create more profit in your business today.

© Stephanie Ward

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