You have plans for your business and goals you want to reach.

You have ideas, truckloads of ideas. It’s hard to figure out what to work on from the list of your own ideas.

If you’re struggling with how to choose between your own projects check out my post, Can’t Choose Between All of Your Project Ideas? Try This

And just when you think you have it figured out, you start to doubt yourself because people around you are asking you to do things.

You’re wondering if those things are better than what you had planned.

And if you say no you will be missing out on a big opportunity.

How often do you hear questions like these?

Want to have coffee? Want to create a program together? Want to volunteer for my project? And the list goes on.

Don’t get distracted by potential projects at the cost of your own plans.

It’s time to start saying no so you can give your attention to your business.

Make your business your priority.

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“It’s only by saying “No” that you can concentrate on the things that are really important.” Steve Jobs

This is a link to the post I mentioned in the video: Grow Your Business By Saying No

Here is another post from my friend Emmy McCarthy which contains actual text you can use. 

Do you struggle with saying no or does it come easy to you?

Share your experiences and questions in the comments below.

I respond to every single comment.


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