Have you already read Glennon Doyle’s latest book, Untamed

Yes, excellent. No? Order it immediately. It’s a must-read for all humans.

This book is profoundly inspiring and got me thinking about how many of the ideas she talks about in the book could also be applied to business.

If you’re ready to be braver in your business, this post will give you ideas about how to do that.

I’ve extracted some of the concepts from the book that you can embrace as a small business owner to create what Glennon calls the “truest, most beautiful story you can imagine” about your business.

Stand Up & Speak Out

In the book Glennon talks about not being quiet, small, or passive.

This is important in life and also in business. You started your business because you have a powerful why (Simon Sinek). You have something to say and you believe strongly in the work you do.

To reach the people you can help you need to be as much of yourself as you can be. And you need to be visible. You must be willing to actively share your offers. See more on sharing your offers here

More on promotion in this post, Why Promoting Your Business is Not Showing Off

Know What You Want & Ask For It

It’s easy to fall into the trap of looking around at what other business owners are doing and think that is what you ‘should’ (be careful you don’t should on yourself) be doing.

This is your business, you get to decide what you want. And once you’re clear about that, you need to ask for it.

Sometimes the answer will be yes and sometimes the answer will be no.

“If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.” Nora Roberts

Find out more about this in my post, Why You Must Ask and How to Handle No

Make Your Own Rules

Your business, your rules. Marketing does not have to feel creepy.

You can choose marketing strategies that fit for you that you will actually enjoy doing. Which means you will do them consistently which is key for results.

Listen to yourself and decide on an approach that fits with your values and follow that path.

For more on this check out my post, The Truth About Which Marketing Strategy Really Works

Trust Yourself

Doubt in business is a big thing. So how can you learn to trust yourself more?

In the book, Glennon mentions her four keys to freedom. They are: emotion, intuition, imagination, and courage.

1) Emotions

Do emotions belong in business? If you’re honest, it’s impossible to keep them out.

Being a business owner can feel especially vulnerable at times.

Glennon shares two things she’s learned about pain. “First: I can feel everything and survive. Second: I can use pain to become.”

Go ahead and feel the feelings you have about your business, it won’t kill you. And it will allow you to evolve personally and professionally.

Allow your emotions to transform you and your business.

2) Intuition

Business is not only about being rational and analytical.

Using your intuition in business is a powerful way to move forward in the right direction.

“…if I am willing to sit in the stillness with myself, I always know what to do.” Glennon Doyle

Read more about intuition in your business here

3) Imagination

Keep asking and answering this question about your business.

Schedule time to ponder it and allow space for the answer to emerge.

What is the “truest, most beautiful” business you can imagine?

Maybe your answer will lead you to a different group to serve, a new offer, or perhaps another way to deliver your services.

Start imagining and never stop.

4) Courage

So much has been said about the need for courage in business.

We all know it’s necessary and yet is still scary.

“We must be committed to holding on to nothing but the truth.” Glennon Doyle

Connect to your truth about your business and be willing to let it guide you in that direction.


Racism exists everywhere. Glennon lives in the United States (where I am from) and racism exists in Europe (where I live) and across the globe.

“The fact that the programmed poison of racism was pumped into us may not be our fault, but getting it out is sure as hell our responsibility.

So when the moment comes – whether it’s about my family, my community, or my country – when the energy shifts to me and the question is asked of me: “How do you imagine you might be contributing to our sickness?” I want to stay in the room, I want to feel, to imagine, to listen, to work. I want to turn myself inside out to help clear our air.” Glennon Doyle

How will you answer this question? I’m with Glennon. I am committed to being a part of the effort to end racism and create a world of equality.

If you’re interested in learning more about what you can do, read my post on this topic

Bravery and Luck

Good things come to those who are brave. The business that you have is based on the decisions you have made.

If you want a better version of your business, you have the power to make that happen.

When you choose to be brave in the choices you make, you are consciously designing what you really want. I’m not saying it’s easy, And I am saying it’s worth it.

And with those brave choices, interesting opportunities will arise. Is that luck? Or is it made possible because of your bravery?

“The braver we are, the luckier we get.” Glennon Doyle

I hope you’re feeling inspired to use your imagination to create a business that is the deepest reflection of who you are and that allows you to make the most impact for your clients.

© Stephanie Ward

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How does bravery show up for you in your business?

Share your thoughts and questions below in the comments section.

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Stephanie Ward

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