one to many marketing stephanie wardTime is precious to a business owner.

Are you using yours wisely?

Do your marketing strategies allow you to leverage your time and reach an abundance of prospective clients?

If you’re spending the majority of your time marketing one-to-one you may be missing out on a lot of business.

One-to-one is you communicating with one other person; one sender and one receiver. This could be a conversation in person, on the phone, or via e-mail.

A more effective marketing approach is one-to-many. This is you communicating with many people at the same time. It’s all about leverage.

Here are eleven one-to-many marketing ideas using three different marketing strategies: speaking, writing, and on-line networking.


1. If you enjoy being in front of a group, speaking live in person for people who are interested in your work is an amazing way to connect. People get to see you and hear you speak which is very powerful. For more on this read my post, Nothing Brings You Clients Like Speaking.

2. Getting interviewed on the radio, TV, or by someone with a large website presence will get your message in front of thousands of people. Just be sure the audience matches your ideal clients.

3. Another way to reach a large group of people is a teleclass (you speaking on the telephone with many people). Using the phone you may be able to reach even more people than you could at a live event because geography isn’t an obstacle for attendance.

There are a multitude of companies who provide teleconferencing services. One I have used, which is free and offers a private bridge line and free recordings of your calls, is

4. You can share the digital recording of your presentation with groups of people on the internet.

5. The digital audio file can also be burned on to a CD and you can give away the CD’s to groups to share with their members.

6. Webinars are another fabulous way to reach a much bigger audience. Find out more in my post, How to Use Webinars to Grow Your Business.


7. Sending a regular newsletter (ezine) to people who have requested to receive information from you is a superb one-to-many action. In addition to valuable information be sure to make an offer with a clear call to action.

8. Articles you write, for your ezine or otherwise, can be posted on article database websites. This multiplies the number of readers. Many people can read the article where you posted it in addition to places where your article is republished.

9. Posting new content on your blog (or other people’s blog) gets your message out to many as well.

10. Interviews can also be done in a written format. You do the interview once, and it goes out to numerous readers.

On-Line Networking

11. When you post messages, comments, or updates on the various online social networking websites your communication reaches everyone who is connected to you. Learn more in my post, Networking in 5 Minutes a Day.

So if you don’t have many connections, make the time to invite people to join you. Here are some popular places to network on-line.

* Facebook

* LinkedIn

* Twitter

Are you starting to see how you can invest less time and reach more people simultaneously by using one-to-many marketing?  Review your current marketing strategies and think about how you can incorporate the concept of one-to-many into as many activities as possible.

Make the decision to implement your new strategies and see the difference it will make in your business.

© Stephanie Ward

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What’s your favorite one-to-many marketing strategy? Share your thoughts and questions below in the comments section.

Stephanie Ward

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