What do you do when you send someone a message and you don’t hear back from them?

Do you assume they aren’t interested? Take it personally? Give up and move on? Doing this does not serve you or your business.

Here is exactly how you can follow up and how to know when to stop.

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Again, it’s important not to assume you know the reason why you haven’t heard back. Here are two posts that address this further: Making Assumptions is Costing Your Business Money and  Why Assumptions are Bad for Business.

And in case you’re thinking of someone you’d like to follow up with but you feel like you can’t because it was three months ago or over one year ago, don’t worry. It’s never (yes, never) too late to follow up.

Read this post for more on what systems for follow up and your role as the business owner: The No Pressure Way to Follow Up with Prospects.

What’s your take? How do you follow up with people? Share your tips, thoughts, and questions in the comments section below. I respond to every single one.


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