How Anne Scott Took Girl Gone International from Zero to 20 Million


Anne Scott is the founder and CEO of Girl Gone International, the world’s largest online and offline community for international women.  

On a budget of zero, GGI has scaled to over 250 local hubs in 80 countries, 750,000 members, 25,000 events, a team of over 1000 and a monthly organic reach of up to 20 million.

In this open (and often laughter-filled) conversation, Anne shares her epic journey of creating and growing GGI.

She reminds us that rewards aren’t always monetary and what you get that’s even more powerful.

Anne also shares the power of showing up and being able to tell your story well.

And at the end, she shares the most rewarding part of being a Meaningpreneur.

After we stopped recording she added that freedom is also an essential element for her.

Listen or watch below.

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Learning to tell your story well is critical for every business owner. The resource I mentioned for speaking is Toastmasters International

Some excellent books on storytelling are: all of Bernadette Jiwa’s books and Resonate by Nancy Duarte.  

You may also remember Anne as the person who inspired me to create the Meaningpreneur Solo Business Retreat

What’s your biggest takeaway from this conversation?

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