What Happens in Greece After Dinner and How to Be RemarkableGreece has stunning beaches, extraordinarily friendly people, and divine food.

And after almost every meal in Crete you get a free Greek surprise which is either a small sweet dessert or an alcoholic drink called Raki. And if you’re really lucky, you get both.

Raki is brought to the table in various sized bottles with shot size glasses. It is a clear drink and looks like water (oh, but it ain’t) hence the nickname, firewater.

Since almost every restaurant does this, it seems impossible to stand out. One Greek restaurant on Crete figured out a way to do this. Their Raki is pink. How did they do that?

What Happens in Greece After Dinner and How to Be Remarkable

Of course I asked, and it turns out a few tiny drops of pomegranate juice does the trick and doesn’t change the flavor. It costs almost nothing yet makes a big impression.

This problem of sameness doesn’t only happen in the restaurant business. Have you noticed this issue in your industry as well?

What sets your business apart from your competitors? What do you differently in your business (beyond what you bring as your unique self – more on that here)?

It’s absolutely worth figuring out because it’s easier (and way more fun) to market your business when you have something cool and unique to share.

“Part of what it takes to do something remarkable is to do something first and best.” Seth Godin Click to Tweet

So, in addition to pink raki, here are two more ideas to help trigger new possibilities you can use in your business to stand out and get noticed.

Cosmetics & Electronics in Vending Machines

Back in the old days vending machines sold mainly food and drinks. That’s all changed, recently at an airport I saw Best Buy selling electronic products and Benefit selling make-up in vending machines.

What Happens in Greece After Dinner and How to Be Remarkable

This works because it’s convenient (you don’t have to drive to the store, park, and deal with the crowds) and when you’re at the airport you usually have some time to kill.

You don’t have to buy a vending machine to apply this concept to your business. Simply think about the different ways you could deliver your products or services that would be unique, timely, or convenient.

For example, if you meet your clients in person, you could offer services via the phone or Skype (or vice versa). You could also offer a recording or your calls. How about offering ‘on call’ days where clients can get in touch with their questions. If no one in your industry offers guarantees you could be the one who does.

If you sell products, you could design unique packaging. Think about changing the shape, color, size, texture, or components of your packaging that will dazzle your clients.

You can also consider changing the format of your products. If you offer digital products you could create physical ones (and the other way around as well). Within the category of digital products, there are also many options. Consider audio, video, email, documents, or a combination of these.

For even more ideas, check out my post: Creative Ways to Increase Your Profit: 17 Ideas for Additional Income Streams.

Recipes for Music

Beck, a famous musician created Song Reader, a book of songs (not a recording of him playing his music). Beck invited everyone to make their own version of his songs. How cool is that? Learn more about Beck’s work here.

So how could you apply this idea to your business? What kind of products or services could you design that would challenge your clients to participate in the creation of something valuable for them? Look to industries outside of yours to see if there are ideas you could adapt and make work for your business.

Ready to get started? Make a list of your products and services you currently offer and then do some research to see what your competitors are doing.

Is it all a giant sea of sameness? Think about how you could change at least one aspect of your products and services to make your business stand out.

I hope you’re starting to see that with a little effort you can brainstorm ways to make your business unique and one that people will talk about. This will allow you to reach more people and grow your business?

Stephanie Ward

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Stephanie Ward

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