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“Stephanie, I want to thank you for the amazing information I’m getting through your links and such… a PURE Goldmine! What fantastic eye-openers!!!” Catherine Gagnon

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In this 27-page FREE Report you’ll learn:

  1. How your marketing is affected by your thoughts and feelings
  2. The key to position yourself as an expert
  3. How to quickly and easily communicate what your business offers
  4. How to get prospective clients to take the next step with you
  5. 8 marketing strategies you can choose from
  6. The secret to highly effective marketing (it has nothing to do with being clever)
  7. How to know which of your marketing strategies are most effective

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The free report and newsletter are for business owners who want to create meaningful and prosperous businesses. Each issue will feature tips and resources to support you in creating an outrageously fun and profitable business.

“This is such a great report, Stephanie, I have it on my desk and I use it a LOT! It gives me all the marketing ideas that I can use every time and any time, over and over and over again! It keeps inspiring me, because what you say in there is SO valuable, I follow all the steps you show. It makes marketing so much more fun now!” Trix Vertogen

This Free Business Building Report Will Help You:

  • Find and connect with your ideal clients to increase profits
  • Create systems for your business so you have more time to make money
  • Move through obstacles with confidence
  • Get into profitable action and stay in action

This practical report is IDEAL for business owners who are ready to grow their businesses.

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Free Report & Newsletter Reader Success Stories



‘One to Many’ success with Darla van de Riet. Darla’s success story refers to the article, Spend Less Time and Reach More People with Your Marketing.

“After reading Stephanie’s article on reaching loads of people with one message, and specifically her message about e-zines and social media, I decided it was about time I discovered what it was that everyone was talking about.

It took me a little while to figure out what the fuss was all about, but I can now say that I am becoming an enthusiastic blogger and user of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook!

I had been e-mailing a traditional newsletter to a small, but steadily growing mailing list. It took about six months before I got spontaneous feedback from readers. After a while, I stopped doing it because it was too much work and I couldn’t tell if anyone was really reading it.

About a month ago, I decided to replace it with a weekly blog. The big advantages are that I can reach a wider audience online, people can interact immediately and I can use the statistics to see how many people read it.

And it works! When I wrote my first article, I had the first comment within 10 minutes – from someone I didn’t even know – and about 60% of my newsletter mailing list read it within a half-hour of posting!

I had been using LinkedIn for a while already, so my next step was to explore Twitter and Facebook. The beauty of these two for me is that I can send out quick tips and ideas and whatever is on my mind (without constantly having to update or change my website) and I can interact with loads more people than I ever imagined were out there.

I’ve just started and only have a handful of friends and followers so far, but some of those are already connections of connections of contacts – people I might possibly never meet otherwise.

So now my goal is to keep adding more valuable content and get my message out to more and more people. Thanks for the article, Stephanie!”

Check out what Darla’s up to here:
Website: Primstreet 


Trix Vertogen is creating success for her PR business by publishing an ezine. The article that inspired her is, 7 Reasons to Offer a Value Packed Ezine.

“I read your report, ‘7 Steps to Attract More Clients in Less Time,’ to get back to the basics of my business and to see where I was at that time. The first step already hit me: understand how my thoughts and feelings affect my marketing. Once I had this put into place, I found that my marketing went much easier and smoother.

The three things Be confident, Be Willing, and Don’t take things personally are important to take seriously. If sometimes I think I’m getting off track again, I read these first steps again and they put me back on track, into the direction I’m going.

For the matter of strategies, after reading your article, 7 Reasons to Offer a Value Packed Ezine, one of the things I’ve done is (re)starting with an ezine and it was successful from the start.

I’ve received so many great reactions (still do) and also sales. Now every day I get new subscribers to my ezine and this makes me really enthusiastic to go on with what I’ve started.”

Check out what Trix is up to (in Dutch):


Jo Parfitt (author of 27 books – yes, really)

“After reading Stephanie’s articles on ‘How to Answer the Question: What Do You Do?’ and ‘Got Niche?’ it reminded me of the time, when, about 8 years ago our family finances were stretched to the limit.

I needed to up my earnings and fast. Back then I had done just as Stephanie suggested: I had looked at all my income streams (in my case, journalism, teaching, keynote speaking and writing books) and calculated which ones made me the most money in the least time with the least effort. It had leapt out at me in a flash – journalism was my best moneymaker. So I focused on that and went for it and cranked up my income to the level I needed to pay for the school fees and the family holidays.

But that was 8 years ago, and since then I had got sick of journalism, moved to the Netherlands and fallen into bad ways. When the motivation of needing the money had slipped towards wanting the money, I had forgotten those wise words and begun, once again, to have multiple income streams, putting my eggs in many baskets as they say.

Then, last year, we had a financial catastrophe owing to the Iceland bank disaster. Basically, this time last year we had lost our entire life savings. Again, I needed to earn money, and fast only I had clean forgotten about my earlier success and began to race around, saying yes to every opportunity that came my way. I was frazzled to the core and oddly, I still was not making a profit.

Then I read Stephanie’s articles. Of course! I think I must have slapped myself on the forehead at this point. I needed to focus on what made the most money for not only the least effort, but with the least spent on marketing.

And that was when I remembered Stephanie’s article about needing a niche. That was where I was going wrong! When you have multiple income streams and answer the question: “What do you do?” with a long list of answers you make yourself hard to define in one sentence. And when you are hard to define, you become impossible to refer.

Back then I realised my niche was mentoring writers to plan, write, edit and publish books that raised their profile and their profit. It had been on my list of services for more than five years by that time, but I had failed to recognise that having just one niche with a defined target market would make my life easier. And so I began to answer the: ”What do you do?” question, with “I help people to write their books.” Simple as that.

Soon after I attended the Families in Global Transition conference ( in Houston for the fifth time. In all those previous years I had only ever had signed up one client as a result. This time it was different. I had made new brochures that focused on that single service, redesigned my website and promised myself that I would only talk about my book mentoring service.

Within days, literally, the referrals started to come in. Within three months my turnover doubled, within six months it had tripled.

After those first three months I wrote a list of every mentoring client I had had in the last 5 years. I was stunned! An amazing 95% of them had all come from referral.

Having a defined niche, that I had proved to be a moneymaker, had made me easy to refer and that had tripled my turnover. Today, a year since that aha moment I am proud to announce that this week alone I have sent four client books to the printer. One client came from that conference, two had been referred to me by that same client and a fourth had been referred to me by a different contact at that same conference.

Defining your niche is vital. But ensuring that niche will make you money is another. Thank you Stephanie for reminding me of the importance of both.”

Check out what Jo is up to here:


Albert Both’s success story was inspired by the section in my free special report 7 Steps to Attract More Clients in Less Time about writing as a marketing strategy. You can get a copy of my free report right here at my website, just scroll up to the top of the page and add your name and e-mail.

“I have my own company, Talencoach, that helps people learn Dutch much faster and in a way that’s fun. The truth is that there are hundreds of language schools, so standing out is not always that easy.

Therefore, two years ago I read Stephanie’s report 7 Steps to Attract More Clients in Less Time. Out of the eight marketing strategies outlined in the report, I felt most attracted to the option of writing a free e-book in combination with regular newsletters. I also decided to work with Stephanie to make sure that I could get results much faster and yes, thanks to her great suggestions I was able to write my first e-book: Why You Hate Learning Dutch and 7 Secrets to Change It.

All I can say is that it has had a very positive impact on my business. First of all, I do not have to sell, I just share something I feel very excited about. On top of that, once people like it, they come to me. I have to admit that makes it much easier to have a conversation! People already know me and they see me as an expert!

Within two years I’ve attracted more than 2600 subscribers to my report and newsletter. The beauty is that it brings many surprises to my life as well. People read it all over the world. Sometimes I get e-mails from China and one of my favourite American coaching authors wants to work with me.

Another good thing about sending out a regular newsletter is that it also promotes self-management. It gently forces me to think ahead and to inform everyone about my plans and activities. This is good, because sometimes I tend to be totally absorbed in my work, and now I consistently communicate with the rest of the world.

Sure, I could say so much more about it… However I am really glad that thanks to Stephanie I could take this essential step. It definitely took my business to the next level!”

You can find out more about what Albert’s up to here:


Rebecca Grappo, M.Ed. a Certified Educational Planner and owner of RNG International Educational Consultants, was inspired by my article: ‘5 Changes for Your Website to Attract More Clients’ and shares her success story here.

Stephanie Ward of Firefly Coaching is a font of great information and inspiration, and best of all, she’s generous with it! After talking to Stephanie about my website, I took a long hard look at it and realized that although it looked great, there was even more that I could do with it.


What? Take action? You mean visitors to my site don’t automatically know that they are supposed to take action? I thought of all those TV infomercials that used to come on late at night that demanded that we order before midnight tonight. However, I didn’t want to be a high-pressured salesperson like them. But was it really so bad to put on my website how my company could help solve a problem and how to contact us? Nope. It was simple and I could even do the web edits myself! After all, finding help or information was the reason why people must have come to my website in the first place!


Stephanie is always giving away something valuable – herself and her professional expertise. So I could do that, too, right? I already produce two newsletters, one called “Educating Global Nomads”, and one called “The College Advisor.” I could give that away for free! And so I asked my web designer to please add the sign-up boxes to every page of my website. I have plans for more “free downloads” that I want to add!


In addition to the newsletters I produce, I also want to share information, cool things I find, photos from my travels to visit schools, and through my blogs, opinions I have about issues in education. Thus I try to keep in touch with students and families without expecting anything in return except for the occasional (very welcome) comment on something I post! I use a variety of methods such as a Facebook fan page, WordPress blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I’m not out to turn every one of these followers into paying clients some day – I am just happy that they are interested enough in the same things I am interested in that they want to stay in touch! And who knows – they all have friends and family, and maybe one day I’ll be able to help them.


I do have some pictures of myself on the website and on my blog. In addition to the standard photo I use for most occasions, I also have photos of me taken with students as well as photos of boarding schools, college campuses, and therapeutic programs that I have taken during my travels. I also think that clients should be able to “see me” from the inside out. Since my profession involves working with young hearts and minds, parents understandably want to know who I am and what my values are. I’ve actually had parents ask me that. Therefore, I have an extensive FAQ section so that parents and students can see me for who I really am. And all the website copy? That’s 100% me!


I am always curious to know who is visiting my website and how they find me, so I subscribe to Google Analytics. It has given me a lot of valuable information, and I am also working to improve my SEO (search engine optimization) by tweaking my site and the keywords people use to find me.

One thing I have learned is that a website is never finished – it will always be a work in progress! But thanks to people like Stephanie, who can break things down into small, manageable, understandable chunks of information that even someone like me can understand and work with, I know that I can keep up with the times!

You can find out more about what Becky is up to here:
Facebook: RNG International Educational Consultants


Blanca Vergara’s success story and results come from my Free Special Report, 7 Steps to Attract More Clients in Less Time – specifically, step five about choosing your marketing strategies. Blanca picked writing and starting an ezine! You can get your copy of my free report right here on my website, simply scroll up to the top of the page and type in your name and e-mail.

The most powerful and the greatest inspiration Stephanie constantly gives to me: consistency.

In her free special report “7 Steps to Attract More Clients in Less Time” she gave me a wonderful menu of powerful marketing tools. She also mentions that the best is to choose a combination of them that feels good to you.

It doesn’t matter which combination of marketing tools you choose, what matters is that it feels so authentic to you that you can actually keep it up! Yes, in the keeping it up is where the whole secret of Stephanie is. AND she’s right!

I particularly admire how quick she replies to e-mails, how consistently she sends here newsletter on time, how consistently she updates her YouTube videos, how consistently she networks… Her marketing mix is consistent and transparent to her audience and that talks about her professionalism. Do you want to express your professionalism? Be consistent!

One of my first choices I made in my business was to implement a monthly newsletter. I send it every 2nd Friday of each month. I have consistently sent it every month. I’ve added and eliminated some sections, but the general philosophy of it has always remained constant.

I can assure you, starting was challenging. My inner critic said loads of useless stuff: who do you think you are, what you’re saying is obvious, so many other famous authors are already saying that, this has been said before… To step above that and keep loyal to my message has become easier and easier, one month at a time.

My newsletter consistency has generated diverse positive benefits for my business. The most important ones are:

Improved Sales Conversion. The best business result of this is that every single time I launch a promotion, the best sales conversion always comes from my very own list subscribers. In other words, the largest number of invested customers always comes directly from the readers of my newsletter. This is a fantastic blessing, as this makes my consistency my greatest free sales agent.

My own Mastermind. There is nothing more powerful than a group of people with similar views. The consistency of my newsletter has granted me that. My readers are not only my customers, they are also my partners: Joint Ventures, Affiliates, Suppliers and even friends. The financial and inspirational power of this is paramount! They remind me why I’m in my business. They keep me going. They are the wind beneath my wings.

Built my Expert Status. The currency of the future is reputation. When you are not consistent, it is impossible to have a reputation. Simply put, no one knows what you’re all about! Conversely when you are consistent you are structuring your expertise: you (and the rest of the world) become conscious of all that you actually do know. Knowing is not enough, having a structure to your knowledge, makes your story useful and unforgettable. So, you become an expert! You don’t need to do everything, nor to be unauthentic. Stretch yourself, while remaining yourself. What will speak the best about you and your business is consistency!”

You can check out what Blanca’s up to here:
Website and blog:


Deirdre Budd, owner of Dream Angus, shares a success story that was inspired by my video What to Do Before, During, and After a Networking Event.

“I come from a background of working within a national organisation so setting up my own business was a very steep learning curve for me. I had some ideas about how I was going to market my business but was, and still am keenly aware that I have a great deal to learn.

I heard Stephanie give a talk at the EPWN when she was introducing a speed networking event. She sounded friendly and approachable and gave some useful tips. I then joined her email list to receive newsletters. There was so much valuable information there. Some things I had already done and a great deal more that I obviously needed to do.

Stephanie’s tips about that networking event have stayed with me and before each networking event, particularly after a holiday or a break from attending such events, I revisit these tips.

Looking at the suggestions Stephanie made for preparation and follow up have been incredibly helpful. I’m quite a shy person and occasionally have difficulty setting myself up to attend networking events. Now I go with purpose. I know what I want to achieve and have a game plan on how I intend to meet these goals.

I find that I am urging other new entrepreneurs to follow Stephanie. I am starting to forge relationships from these events which are now bringing me referrals. This is what it is all about, growing my network and my business. So I too can refer on to relevant people whom I’ve met and find I have some confidence in. Thank you Stephanie, you are inspirational! Keep up the good work.”


Therapist Zelda Hall shares her success story that was inspired by my article, 7 Reasons to Offer a Value Packed Ezine.

“I love my work. I see it as a vocation or calling. It is one of my passions to help other people to discover their ‘calling’ and what is nourishing for their heart and soul in life. As a psychologist, therapist, speaker and teacher I have had my own practice in Amsterdam for more than 25 years and have taught and lectured internationally.

But I have never been overjoyed by the publicity side of it! The washing up or even clearing out my sock drawer would suddenly become curiously attractive when it was time to tackle putting out mails and flyers.

Clients have usually come via others who recommended me. Which is a great way of getting people. But publicity for workshops and lectures was never my strong point.

Stephanie always gives great tips in her ezine. The one that really helped me to get on with something I had been putting of for a long time was about starting my own ezine.

Her advice was so clear that I managed to overcome my resistance and avoid my usual pitfall of getting bogged down in details! And, with the help of my wonderful new assistant, Zena Hockley I launched my first ezine in June. It’s high time we opened the champagne now, as the third one went out recently.

In her ezine Stephanie makes made it clear why writing an email newsletter is beneficial. And she‘s right. I started writing more and it helped me to clarify my ideas. Clients with whom I had had no contact for a long time got back in touch. Often to say how helpful the work they had done with me had been. It’s always good to feel useful!

I enjoy putting my ezine together and it is fun to do the research. I discover more valuable information for myself and people mail me to tell me how some of the stories and links in my ezines have touched them. The research and writing I do for the newsletter is useful for a book that I am writing called Unfolding Destiny which is about evolving our consciousness and taking responsibility for our lives and the future of the planet.

It is a great forum for promoting my lectures and workshops and pushes me to plan them more in advance. Curbing my talent for procrastination.

Sending out my ezine creates an opportunity to share information and inspiration about issues that are vital to people’s lives. And it creates new connections, as my readers forward ezines that they like to their friends.

It looks as though I have finally found a way of promoting my workshops and lectures which does not feel like ‘selling’ myself!

Stephanie emphasises the importance of not using your email programme to send the ezine. The programme I am using has the added advantage that I can see how many ‘opens and clicks’ there have been and even in which part of the world the ezine is being read. I can then tailor the content more to the interests of my readers.

So Stephanie, thanks. Your advice and tips have helped me take an important step in getting myself out there and connecting to more people around the world.”

Find out more about what Zelda’s up to here:

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