As a business owner, you have all the jobs.

One of the most important jobs is talking about your business.

Talking about the problem your business solves for people and how it can help them.

This makes a lot of people uncomfortable. Maybe you’re one of them.

You might be wondering: what you should say, when the right time to talk about you is, if you should mention what you offer?

Some people say you’re supposed to plan, plot, and practice slick techniques and clever persuasion tactics.

They say you need to be a performer and present your work as an actress on a stage, with drama and flare.

The good news is that none of that is true.

In fact, by doing those things you’ll likely come across as insincere and untrustworthy.

I’ve made two lists for you; one list is things not to do when you talk with people about your business.

And the other is a list of things to do so you can have conversations with people about your business that are more fun and stress-free.

And I’ve created an infographic of both lists for the visual cats and two text lists for the list lovers that contain links to posts for additional information.


Things Not to Do

o Try to be interesting
o Try to be charming
o Try to be convincing or persuasive
o Memorize clever words
o Talk a lot
o Be pushy
o Always be closing the sale

Things to Do

o Be interested and curious
o Be present
o Be helpful
o Be open and focus your intention on the truth
o Listen more than you talk (yay for introverts)
o Feel confident about the results you deliver
o Share your offer (only if there is interest or if you think the person you’re talking with may know people who might be interested)

For more on this, check out my post: A Simple Way to Have More Meaningful Conversations.

Ah, what a relief. Can you feel the collective sigh?

You can be a normal human, be yourself, and have conversations full of meaning and connection.

You don’t have to put on a sales mask and try to be something you are not to create a successful business.

I hope you see how making this shift will allow you to relax and connect which will make your business life more fun and rewarding.

© Stephanie Ward

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