LinkedIn PulseThere you are, working hard to create amazing blog posts that your audience will find extremely useful.

It takes time, a lot of time.

Sometimes you feel like no one really appreciates your content, especially when you don’t get much feedback.

But you forge ahead, to the next blog post where you pour your heart and soul into yet another brilliant work of art. And still, crickets.

Sound familiar? Well I have great news for you. The problem may not be your blog posts, it might just be that people aren’t seeing them.

I wrote a whole post about that, check it out here: Why Your Blog Posts Aren’t Getting Seen: 9 Ways to Fix This.

But even if you have a successful blog, why would you ignore a new opportunity to expand your reach even further?

“Knowledge is like money: to be of value it must circulate.” Louis L’Amour Click to Tweet

There’s a new distribution channel in town that could be your ticket to massive amounts of exposure for your genius blog posts.

Because sometimes, all you need is a new road to reach more people. Learn more about an example of this in my post: What Saved the Office and How it Can Help Your Business Too.

The platform, LinkedIn Publisher, isn’t actually that new. Well-known experts, thought leaders, and top entrepreneurs have been using the platform since 2012.

What is new, is that the platform is being opened up to regular folk like you and me. Opened initially in February 2014 to 25,000 people, it is now available for all LinkedIn users.

And whether your business is B2B or B2C, your ideal clients are probably on LinkedIn. Because don’t forget, LinkedIn profiles are individual people (LinkedIn Company Pages are, you guessed it, for companies).

And here’s the magical part of it, you do not have to submit original content. Meaning you can share content on LinkedIn Pulse that you have already published on your own blog.

I use WordPress for my blog and I literally copied and pasted my posts and all of the links showed up seamlessly. 

To get started simply click on the ‘Home’ button in the main navigation and then you’ll see the option that says, “Write and article” and just click there and begin.



You will want to upload images for your posts and video if your posts feature video. To add images, click on the camera icon and to add video click on the box shown below.


And be sure to add tags to your post. You are only allowed three tags and you must choose from existing tags provided by LinkedIn. To add tags, go to the very bottom left of your post and start typing next to the tag icon.

And don’t forget, LinkedIn has more than 467,000,000 members (as of March, 2017). For even more detail on the amazing opportunity it offers, check out these statistics.

So Why Bother?

1. Your content will be seen by an abundance of people
2. You will position yourself as an expert

Are those two reasons powerful enough to motivate you to spend a few minutes to apply for LinkedIn Pulse and once accepted, spend ten minutes a week copying and pasting a post?

Do I see you nodding your head yes? Excellent. Don’t ignore this chance to spread your message far and wide and gain recognition. When you reach more people you can make a bigger difference and grow your business at the same time.

© Stephanie Ward

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What would stop you from publishing your first article on LinkedIn Publisher? Share your thoughts and questions below in the comments section.


Stephanie Ward

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