I’m talking about when you gather your thoughts and ideas and take the time and energy to create a video, a newsletter, or a blog post.

And then you share your creation, you put it out into the world. You ‘Ship It’ as Seth Godin says.

And then, nothing.

It feels like you your work has been launched into outer space and has been enveloped by a black hole.

The truth is, even when you don’t hear anything back – it is actually landing with someone. Most likely more than just one person.

They just aren’t letting you know. And that is OK.

When you trust the process and know that your creations are landing, you just can’t see it or feel it, you will have the motivation to keep going.

In this short podcast episode (less than 7 minutes), I’ve got some ideas for you about how to keep going and why it’s important.


As promised, here is the link to Erin Gallagher’s LinkedIn profile. Check out some of her posts to see how she is using the hashtag #hypewoman to shine the light on fabulous humans out in the world. 

Who can you promote and support today? 

Stephanie Ward

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