Delight Your Clients and Be Memorable With One Change What if you went to a beautiful place to have a drink and you never had to bother trying to catch the waiter’s eye to flag him down so you can order something or to request the bill.

Wouldn’t that be convenient and enjoyable?

It happened to me recently in Spain.

I had never seen such a device sitting on our table.

With a press of a button you can call the waiter, another button requests the bill, and a third button cancels your request in case you change your mind (see photo for device by Pulsayvoy).

When I figured out what it was, I asked myself that question that happens so many times when you encounter something that is fabulous yet seems so obvious, “Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?”

The remarkable thing about this gadget is that it does three things simultaneously. First, it makes my life easier as a client which means a more enjoyable experience for me. Second, since it’s something new and very cool I feel compelled to talk about it. And finally, it also makes life easier for the waiters. They can go about their business without having to hover over their clients to see if they need something or have people waving at them to get their attention.

So what does this have to do with your business? Well, unless you’ve just created a brand new category, the chances are high that you aren’t the only person doing what you do in your business.

And that’s OK, in fact it’s a sign that it’s a viable industry.

The key then becomes how to make your business stand out from everyone else’s and at the same time create a cool experience for your clients.

“In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is failing.” Seth Godin Click to Tweet

You can do this, you just need to set aside some time to put on your creative pants and do some brainstorming.

Consider these questions. What is one change you could make in your business that would make things easier and more enjoyable for your clients to do business with you? What would be something that would make people talk about your business? And what if you could come up with something that also made running your business easier for you as well?

Maybe one change won’t accomplish all three of these things for your business but don’t let that stop you from trying something new. Making even one change is worth pursuing. And you might surprise yourself and come up with way more than one.

I’ll help you get started. Think about your business as it relates to the factors below to come up with ways you can delight your clients.

Aspects that Clients Value

  • Convenience
  • Quick or time saving
  • Ease of transaction
  • Customization

Keep these things in mind as you think about how your clients experience your products or services and consider the following ideas.

Ideas for Changes You Can Make


Make it convenient for clients to place their orders. Find out if they prefer using the phone, online, via a mobile app, or an app on Facebook.


Offer clients additional formats for communicating with you (Skype, webinar, chat).


Extend the hours of your business or offer hours that no one else offers that suit your clients.


Be innovative and think about how you can make payment easier for your clients. Think of options like: recurring payment, lower fees, spreading payments out, and ease of payment.


How can you tailor your delivery to suit your clients? Think about how you deliver (by bicycle, in the mail, virtually); where you deliver (at work instead of home) when you deliver (morning, lunch, evening).


Use technology to automate any part of your business so clients can be served faster and you don’t have to be involved in the process.


Use an appointment scheduling service to make it faster and easier for clients to book an appointment. This also makes life easier for you. One option for this is Time Trade.


If your clients typically come to you or your place of business could you provide transportation for them to and from your business.

Client Extras

What can you offer that no one else offers. Perhaps your clients would value an open call-in hour once a week or month where you answer questions.

I hope these ideas will trigger some cool changes you can make in your business. Changes that will make your business stand out and will also create memorable experiences for your clients so they talk about your business and keep coming back for more.

© Stephanie Ward

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What changes will you make to your business? Share your plans, thoughts, and questions in the comments section below.

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