You’re already spending time and money in an effort to reach potential clients.

Why not shift your aim, and make it focused on specific people or companies instead of a random blast into the market? Watch this short video to find out how to do it.


NOTE: Since I created this video LinkedIn has updated their website. The possibility to search for companies still exists, it’s just in another location. To find it now, go to the very top of the page and locate the ‘Search’ box. To the left of the search box is a drop down menu, select ‘Companies’ and then click the search button to see all of the companies. From there you can refine your search.

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For even more on this topic check out my post, How to Work Exclusively with Ideal Clients.

How do you use LinkedIn to connect with potential clients? Share your thoughts and questions below in the comments section. I respond to every single comment.

Stephanie Ward

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