Do You Offer a Free Valuable Giveaway?Does your website allow you to connect and interact with visitors?

If it doesn’t, you are missing out on an enormous opportunity to grow your business.

A website that is nothing more than an electronic brochure is not going to help you attract more clients and be more profitable.

Did you know that the first time someone visits your website that it is most likely the last time they will visit?

If most people never return after the initial visit, this means that you usually only have one chance to make a connection and provide visitors with information they want. So how do you make this connection?

Two Things Your Website Must Do

1. Be able to capture someone’s contact information (name and e-mail) so you can keep in touch with them, provide value, and build a relationship

2. Sell something

Of course it is best if your website does both: captures visitor’s information and sells something. But if you don’t have something to sell on your website, at the very minimum, your website needs be designed to capture visitor’s information.

Think about it, what’s the point of having a website if it doesn’t do at least one of these two things? Are you hoping that someone will take the time and effort to call you or e-mail you to find out more?

They might, and chances are they won’t. Most people like to have some preliminary information before they are willing to make direct contact.

So why should anyone give you their contact details? It used to be that you simply had to offer a newsletter and people would sign up.

Times have changed, these days you must provide something of real value in exchange for a person’s contact information.

In order to get, you need to give first. If you offer your visitors helpful information they can use, they are more likely to share their name and e-mail address with you.

What kind of valuable information can you offer to your prospective clients at no cost to them?

Ideas for Your Free Valuable Giveaway

* A special report

* A list of tips

* An assessment or quiz

* An e-course in several parts (e-mail course sent by auto-responder)

* An audio e-course

Please don’t use text on your website that says something like: “Subscribe for Tips” – that won’t cut it. Be specific, give your ezine a name and make it clear what kind of tips you provide and what the benefits of the information are.

Make it clear that people who subscribe will get your special offer plus additional information like a weekly or monthly ezine full of substantial resources.

The copy for the offer needs to grab attention and be visible on your website without having to scroll down to see it). The top left or right of your homepage is a great spot for this.

Your system needs to be completely automated so that if someone requests what you offer – they receive it immediately by auto-responder. Automation allows you to connect with prospective clients at all times including when you are asleep or away on vacation.

There are several good options available, two paid options that are quite popular are Aweber and ConvertKit (what I use). MailChimp is free up to 2,000 subscribers. You can find additional options by searching the internet. The great news is that once you set it up, you don’t have to be involved in the process at all.

Ready to change your website and make it really work for your business? To get started, decide what your compelling offer will be. Once you create it, select a service that will allow you to capture visitor information. Ask your webmaster to set it up for you on your homepage (or do it yourself if you’re technically savvy).

Once everything is in place, start promoting your fabulous offer like crazy. By doing this, your website will allow you to create an ongoing connection with your prospective clients and help you grow your business.

And be sure to maximize your free valuable giveaway by offering to people outside of your website. Learn more here about how to leverage your offer.

© Stephanie Ward

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