Business Model Makeover Toolkit

Is the Heart of Your Business Healthy?

Your Business Model is the foundation of your business. Are you really clear about how your business is making money?

Sometimes you get so busy that you forget to take time out and examine how effective your current Business Model actually is.

You may be unaware that there are simple ways you can leverage what you already have AND create new revenue streams with just a few small changes.

So it’s probably time to take a fresh look at your Business Model and make some changes that will help you grow your business.  I’d love to help you do that with my Business Model Makeover Toolkit.

“I made a small change to my business model that tripled my turnover in just three months!”

“Stephanie simply can’t help herself. If you ever have the good fortune to cross her path then you will witness the way she constantly thinks of solutions, ideas and connections for you.

Great ideas with great results, I love working with her. This is why I recommend her to all my clients as the best person I know to make your business grow.

Just ten minutes with Stephanie and her innate wisdom and I made a small change to my business model that tripled my turnover in just three months!”

Jo Parfitt

Jo Parfitt, Author & Publishing Consultant


What’s Covered in this Business Model Makeover Toolkit

– Why your Business Model is so important to your marketing

– Your current Business Model

– The Seven Components of a Business Model

– Examples of Revenue Streams You Can Use in Your Business Model

– How to put it all together

– Cool examples of Business Model revenue streams from seminar participants

The Business Model Makeover Toolkit Includes

  • An audio recording that is just under one hour
  • A full written transcript of the audio recording
  • And a list of additional valuable resources at the end of the transcript to help you implement the changes you want to make to your business model

You can listen to the audio while you read along with the transcript. Listen to the audio first and then read the transcript (or vice versa).  Whatever works for you.

The most important point is that you make the decision to put this information into action.

When you’re clear about your business model everything else falls into place.  Then you know exactly what to focus on and you can reach your goals faster and easier.

Your Investment

The Business Model Makeover Toolkit is very reasonably priced at only 27 euro exclustive BTW (about $43 USD depending on the exchange rate).

Think about it, by using the Businesss Model Makeover Toolkit to make changes to your Business Model you will be able to increase your profit in a such a significant way that it will make the investment for it pale in comparison.

If you’re ready to get really clear about your business and make some changes that will help you grow your business, then the Business Model Makeover Toolkit is perfect for you.

But, if for some reason, the Business Model Makeover Toolkit doesn’t meet your expectations, just let me know and I will refund your purchase.  My guarantee is ‘100%, no time-limit, no debate’ money back guarantee.

If you’re hesitating because you have questions, ask away. Send your thoughts to [email protected]

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Cheers to your new Business Model and the success that will follow!


Stephanie Ward
Firefly Coaching

Stephanie Ward

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