Business Inspiration from a Cafe in Spain Stephanie Ward When I was at Café Iruna in Bilbao, Spain I noticed something that made me stop and pay attention.

We were sitting at a table near the narrow hallway that led from the bar area to a large sitting area.

I started noticing how many people were walking back from the bar area carrying plates of sizzling meat skewers that looked delicious.

Upon further investigation it turns out there is a gentleman who sits at a grilling station in the front of the bar every day in the late afternoon (that’s a picture of him in the photo behind the two stacks of plates).

Somewhere between 6pm and 7pm, when he’s done skewering all of the meat, you can start ordering the tasty morsels.

This café is self-service and has a limited menu comprised mainly of cold pintxos (divine appetizers on bread) and a few other items including the grilled meat skewers.

The meat skewers are one of the most popular items. They are known for them at this café and have signs all over the café promoting them. And hot pintxos cost a bit more than cold ones, a little over 2 euros each.

So I started wondering how many of the meat skewers they sold every day. And even a reserved estimate would indicate this is a large and consistent money maker for the café.

This led me to think about their business model and how smart it is to have a ‘signature’ product, one offer that is extremely appealing and easy to say yes to. One product that you promote more than anything else.

You’ve probably heard that if you give people too many choices they get overwhelmed and then they choose nothing.

What does this mean for you? My challenge is for you to identify your signature product and promote it more than all of your other offers. Think of it as the passageway to your additional products and services.

I hope you’re starting to see how choosing and promoting a signature product will make marketing easier and create a consistent revenue stream for your business.

© Stephanie Ward

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What’s your signature product or service? I’d love to know what you think, share your clever thoughts in the comments section below.

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