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You want practical business and marketing tips you can use to grow your business. That’s what I’ve got for you right here, articles and videos you can take action on right away. And, if you scroll down you’ll find video interviews I’ve done with successful entrepreneurs where they share their top marketing tips.

Two Words that Can Boost Your Business

It’s one of the first things parents teach their children to say. You were probably taught this as well, I know I was. So why do we, as adults, forget to do it so often in business? Simply saying these two words: thank you. You may be thinking that as a business owner...

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Why Assumptions Are Bad for Your Business

We make assumptions when we don’t fully understand a situation. It is a natural reaction to immediately fill in any missing information by making up our own story. We do this because we like to try to make sense of people and situations. The problem with this is that...

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They’re Interested, Now What?

Some people may be ready to buy your products or services right away. But what do you offer to the rest of the people who are interested but want to know more? Creating a structured sales process for your business may not seem like an important component of creating...

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Do You Know Where Your Business is Headed?

No matter what time of year it is, if you don’t have a clear and concise written plan for where your business is heading you’re in for a surprise. Twelve months from now it will end up somewhere, you just won’t know where. In most cases where you find yourself will...

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Kill Your To-Do List and Be More Profitable

  I know it’s a radical idea, the death of your to-do list so bear with me while I explain. Think about it, a long to-do list is a giant energy drain and waste of time. Have you ever noticed how the list keeps growing instead of disappearing? Imagine waking up...

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Secrets of Effective Networking

Before we talk about specific networking tips I want to address a critical aspect of networking that is often overlooked. Sometimes we are so eager to network that we don’t stop to consider whether or not we are investing our energy in the right places. Listen, you...

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Top Marketing Tips from Successful Entrepreneurs


Discover the marketing strategies that worked for these extremely successful business owners and think about how you can apply their tips to your business.

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