You want practical business and marketing tips you can use to grow your business. That’s what I’ve got for you right here, articles and videos you can take action on right away. And, if you scroll down you’ll find video interviews I’ve done with successful entrepreneurs where they share their top marketing tips.

Do You Have a “To Don’t” List?

As a business owner you may struggle with the question of how you will be able to get everything done. This is especially true for independent service professionals and solopreneurs. There are only so many hours in the day, this isn’t going to change. So something...

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Tolerations are Bad for Business

You may be aware of them, you may not be. In any case, chances are high that even if you are aware of them, you probably don’t realize the negative impact they are having on your business. What are they? Things you are tolerating in your work environment. Anything you...

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How to Know Exactly What Your Clients Want

As a business owner you have all kinds of ideas about what products and services you want to offer to your clients. If you’re like me, you probably think about it a lot. The question is, do your clients really want what you are offering? Are you meeting their needs...

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How Google AdWords Can Grow Your Business

Whether or not you are currently using advertising as one of your marketing strategies, I want to share a fabulous way to make the most of the money you do invest in advertising. So first off, what are Google AdWords? When you search on Google, you will get organic...

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Top Marketing Tips from Successful Entrepreneurs


Discover the marketing strategies that worked for these extremely successful business owners and think about how you can apply their tips to your business.

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