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You want practical business and marketing tips you can use to grow your business. That’s what I’ve got for you right here, articles and videos you can take action on right away. And, if you scroll down you’ll find video interviews I’ve done with successful entrepreneurs where they share their top marketing tips.

How to Work Exclusively with Ideal Clients

It’s no secret that as a business owner, you want to attract more clients to your business. And you want to attract clients that are the best fit for your business. Of course it is easier to do this when you are very clear about the specific problems your business...

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Action, Not Motion, Grows Your Business

Do you know how much time you spend on your business being ‘in motion’ instead of ‘in action’? Are you aware of the difference? Motion keeps you busy. Action creates momentum and the results you want.    Think of it this way, action is something that moves you closer...

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Is Your Business Model Healthy?

As a business owner I know you are working very hard in your business, serving clients and staying on top over everything else that needs to be managed. But what if all the hard work you are currently doing is not necessarily the most effective way to grow your...

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Do You See Through Your Client’s Eyes?

It’s a big shock to realize that no one really cares about your business, at least in the beginning of the process. What people do care about, and want to know, is what your business can do for them. You can imagine that information about how long you have been in...

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Do You Offer a Valuable Free Giveaway?

Does your website allow you to connect and interact with visitors? If it doesn’t, you are missing out on an enormous opportunity to grow your business. A website that is nothing more than an electronic brochure is not going to help you attract more clients and be more...

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Don’t Neglect This Part of Your Business

If you’ve been so busy working in your business that you have forgotten about yourself, it’s time to stop and assess the situation. Taking care of your business includes taking care of you. Think about it, if you’re run down and exhausted how effective can you be? It...

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Do You Have a “To Don’t” List?

As a business owner you may struggle with the question of how you will be able to get everything done. This is especially true for independent service professionals and solopreneurs. There are only so many hours in the day, this isn’t going to change. So something...

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Top Marketing Tips from Successful Entrepreneurs


Discover the marketing strategies that worked for these extremely successful business owners and think about how you can apply their tips to your business.

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