For a self-proclaimed ‘non-marketer’ Eldridge Labijno shares so many essential ideas about how to market your business.

We cover making organic connections with people, the power of referrals, the importance of knowing your short introduction inside and out, how having a niche helps you, valuing your services at the right price, solving problems for people, and being of service.

And finally, he shares what he loves most about being a Meaningpreneur.

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Eldridge talked about always giving value to people you connect with. Be prepared to solve a problem. He defines a problem as, “an undesired state.”

This is the three-part framework he mentioned to ask to discover the problem:
1. What do you have that you don’t want?
2. What do you not have that you do want?
3. What do you have that you want more of?

The author Eldridge mentioned is David Graeber and the books he mentioned are: Bullshit Jobs and Debt: The First 5000 Years.  

You can find out more about Eldridge on his website here and connect with him on LinkedIn here.  

“Nobody can do what you do. Because nobody is you.” Eldridge Labijno

And here’s a bit more about Eldridge, his background, and his diverse experiences.

After a successful international career as a neoclassical ballet dancer, Eldridge retrained for ten years to become a theatre director and Master Coach of Strategic Interventions.

Based in the Netherlands he works around Europe giving workshops for startup accelerators, Universities, cultural institutions, and businesses.

He also works as an external communications consultant for people who aspire to public office in the UK.

Eldridge is one of three Statutory Directors of the Dance and Creative Wellness Foundation.

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