Action Not Motion Grows Your BusinessDo you know how much time you spend on your business being ‘in motion’ instead of ‘in action’?

Are you aware of the difference?

Motion keeps you busy.

Action creates momentum and the results you want.   

Think of it this way, action is something that moves you closer to your goals. Action has direction.

Motion is simply movement in no particular direction, and can mean going in circles.

“Never mistake motion for action.” Ernest Hemingway Click to Tweet

I don’t want to introduce a new tactic or strategy, I want you to take action on strategies you already have in place (or have been planning to put into place). You know enough, you are ready, now is the time. No more waiting.

You probably have a list of things you are planning to do. What is one thing on your list which appeals to you, that you are willing to take action on right now?

Ideas for Action

* Pick up the phone and make that call you have been avoiding

* Follow through with a prospect by sending an interesting article

* Send out that press release

* Get your articles published

* Start your own ezine

* Sign up for that networking event and go

If you’re not quite ready to start a new action why not take a look at what is working in your business and do more of it. If speaking attracts new clients to your business speak more. If networking brings you business, attend more events. If direct marketing works, expand your list. Get the idea?

I can hear you saying, “That’s a good idea, but…”  Imagine what would happen if you chose to skip the ‘yeah butts’ and just went ahead and took action.

Delaying action is a waste of time and energy. Every time you think about doing something and then don’t, is time you could have used to actually get it done.

Every time you think about doing something and then don’t, is time you could have used to actually get it done. Click here to Tweet this quote.

Fear is often the cause of inaction. See if you can identify the specific fear you have about taking a particular action. Then ask yourself, is it real? What would be the worst thing that could happen if you moved forward? Usually you’ll find that the reality of the situation is much less scary than you had imagined.

For more tips about dealing with fear watch my video Is This Four Letter Word Hurting Your Business.

Keep moving forward by taking one step at a time. What could you do right now, no matter how small it seems, to move your business ahead. You are creative, find a way to make progress even if it isn’t how you originally planned.

Action does require courage. If it’s not just a little bit scary then my guess is that you are not stretching yourself. The good news is that you can take action even if you feel scared; it doesn’t have to stop you.

Scary can be exciting, think about taking a ride on a roller coaster. You might be scared but you do it anyway because you know it will be thrilling.

But that’s just part of the story. When you take action, in addition to building your business, you also build your confidence which will inspire you to take even more action.

At the end of each day you want to ask yourself this question: ‘What action did I take today that will help me reach the goals I have for my business’? And you want to have a clear and resounding answer.

The bottom line is you have the power to take action right now, today, and every day after that. So tap into your courage and be willing to do what you know will create a more profitable business.

© Stephanie Ward

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Where do you get stuck being busy? How do you move forward? Share your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

Stephanie Ward

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