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See what entrepreneurs and small business owners say about working with me.

Stephanie is such a pleasure to work with.

I will share what makes that statement true for me.

She has a massive big heart….for YOU!

After our first interaction, she became my cheerleader from the sidelines. Visibly encouraging me by commenting on my posts.

Authentically connecting with me, my purpose, my business. She makes you experience how it is to really matter, to her and also to the clients you are helping.

Not only online, she also does that offline…working with her means regularly checking your physical mailbox…to find super personal surprises that give you that special boost and support when you need it the most.

What I also really appreciated in working with Stephanie is her creativity. The sessions very quickly turned into co-creation brainstorms during which it truly felt we were on the same wavelength, coming up with new ideas all the time.

And in that process, she has a unique way of holding your hand, sometimes clearly giving direction on what you ‘should’ do (and believe me you can blindly trust her knowledge, expertise and experience) and at the same time giving you time to reflect on it and decide for yourself if her strategy and tactics align with you, your values, your vision. She will adapt to your perspective in a heartbeat.

One more thing….
Stephanie is so incredible you-centric, she actually sends you a detailed report of all the points you have covered in a session with her, that is sooooo valuable.

Imagine being at the doctor by yourself, they give you so much information your brain is overflowing….one day later you receive an email with an extensive bulleted list of everything they have shared with you!!!!! That is what she does!

So yes, I am a big fan of Stephanie, as business coach, but most importantly as an incredibly wholehearted, wise, fun, encouraging, connecting, cheerleading, empathetic and smart woman!

Stop looking, she is THE ONE!

Go and experience her special vibe and energy…it will be a pleasure! 

Marjolein van der Kruk

Coach & Trainer,

“The SIMPLIFY training by Stephanie Ward was incredibly helpful in helping me re-align with my mission for Amplify DEI, and I am so glad I invested in this training at the end of 2022.

SIMPLIFY is a 3-day Virtual Group Workshop that helped me create a solid plan to follow for the rest of the year, rather than floundering around or wasting time trying to figure out what to do next.

By focusing on simplifying my workflows, I can save precious time and energy while still being able to drive profits.

In addition, this training has served as a great reminder that when it comes to running a successful business, having clear plans and focus points helps us become more effective and efficient with our time. This invaluable asset can provide immense value toward achieving any services for anyone looking to take the next step with their business.”

Vivan Acquah

Inclusive Workplace Wellness Advocate (CDE® Certified Diversity Executive),

Stephanie gave me loads of practical and actionable business and marketing advice.

And the advice was customized to what suits me and feels good for me to do.

I love her flexible approach which is the opposite of ‘one size fits all.’

This experience showed me that business development and marketing can be a joyful experience.”

Magali Bouidene Briand


Stephanie was a pleasure to work with – she clearly loves the work that she does, and she does it well! She has helped me take steps with my business that I’ve been dreaming of for years. Throughout the process she has been a constant cheerleader, sharing her insights, knowledge and resources (and confidence!) all along the way.

I have looked forward to, and felt charged up after, each meeting, ready to take action. I strongly recommend her services for anyone looking to take the next step with their business.”

Kate Berger

Child Relocation Psychologist & Consultant,

“I see Stephanie as a skilled architect and a builder in one. She instinctively has a “yes, and…” mentality and always seems to know how to take whatever you have already built and guide you to build further on top of it in a way that is structurally sound and greater than where you started – but also still 100% your unique foundation.

Stephanie has been my go-to person for years for strategic sparring, especially when I’m looking at growth opportunities, exploring new marketing channels, and even when faced with dilemmas. I trust her completely and consider her “part of” my business as a regular, long-term advisor (something I’m convinced that all business owners need!).”

Jessika Lynch

Thought Leadership Strategist & Speaker Coach,

“I had the absolute pleasure of working with Stephanie in the last few months to assist me with my business. I knew during the discovery call that she was the person I wanted to work with and I was reminded time and time again as to why that was.

Firstly, she is incredibly warm and easy to get along with, not to mention very down to earth. Communications felt like that which you would have with a friend.

Secondly, she definitely knows her stuff and thinks outside the box, bringing a fresh perspective to things.

Thirdly, she is hands on and really involved. From the discovery call alone, she followed up with a wealth of information and helpful resources to further assist me.

Fourthly, she is extremely encouraging, you really feel like she’s on your side and rooting for you. The personal touches that she adds make working with her a fun and positive experience. I cannot recommend Stephanie enough and will be working with her again.”

Jo Darko

Interior Decorator at Sought & Styled,

 “I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone who is stuck with their marketing decisions.

She helped me see what actions need to be taken to become more visible in my market and start attracting more clients.

She also boosted my confidence level as a side effect – which made me unstoppable. She is a great listener too and thus all her advice is perfectly tailored to your unique business and needs
I worked with her 1 on 1 and each and every session ended up with tons of valuable actionable pointsThank you, Stephanie!”
Zany Poruban

Style Coach,

“I first heard about Stephanie from people who worked with her and actually called her the queen of social media.

I was then at a point where my business was doing very well and I was thinking about what I could do to make it even better.

Stephanie helped me to see clearly what I needed and to find my next steps. With her guidance I also learned how I can implement them.

The result of the sessions is that I know very well the steps of the next year. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Stephanie!

Effie Alexiadou

Dutch Language Teacher,

“I highly recommend Stephanie to anyone who is ready to improve their marketing strategy and take focused action towards their next desired level of business.

I worked with Stephanie at a time when I was preparing to take maternity leave in my service-based business. We created a strategy together that, at the time, was very comforting to have. So I could step away with more confidence and be with my new baby.

What you can count on: Honest feedback, action plans and a fantastic supportive coach who is with you every step of the way. Thank you, Stephanie!”

Steph Panther

Mindset Coach,

“I first met Stephanie at the Families in Global Transition conference in The Hague in March of 2017. I was immediately impressed by her knowledge, insights and clarity regarding small business owners and entrepreneurs looking to build up their business and brands.

Later in the year, when I encountered a huge setback and challenge in building my blog and brand, I thought of who could help provide the right support, advice and coaching that I needed and I immediately thought of Stephanie! Stephanie was proactive (she sent me homework to complete before we scheduled our 1st call), she actively listened to my problem and then helped me address the way to handle it.

Together she helped me come up with an action plan, and offered advice/tips/key insights along the way which helped to shape my final product . She was available for a final read through, always quick with her feedback and delivered above and beyond what I had been expecting.

I can highly recommend working with Stephanie for anyone who may have hit a bump in the road like I had, and could use advice from a pro in getting your business back on track, fulfilling those goals and staying true to your vision.”

Mariam Navaid Ottimofiore

Expat Writer and Speaker | Author of book 'This Messy Mobile Life,

“My marketing journey with Stephanie was nothing short of delightful.

Her approach in mentoring your business marketing is encouraging as well as focused.

Each session was a deepening in your work and a practical guide to empowering yourself. To step up and show your unique skills and talents to the benefit of you (future) clients.

To remind you that your business is a solution to a client’s issue. Stephanie helped me put on the marketing-jacket and client approach that suites my style; compassionate and humble as well as academic, powerful and feminine. My deepest gratitude and a 5 STAR rating from me!!

Barbara Piper

What I found interesting was that Stephanie got me thinking, and taking action as soon as we ended the freebie call. I was so fired up and couldn’t wait till our official first call.

I found Stephanie extremely approachable, very knowledgeable and practical. Although I started a small business, I don’t feel that I am business minded. I have a set of skills and knowledge that I wanted to impart to as many people as possible in order to help achieve positive and lasting change. I believed that marketing would simply be through word of mouth, which worked initially. That was my business model. Any additional technical business talk and terminology usually left me lost and confused.

Well, there was none of that with Stephanie. She spoke a language that I could understand and more importantly she really listened to what I wanted, needed and was passionate about. She helped me make the necessary changes to reflect all that in my business.

Her advice covered changes in my website, my LinkedIn profile and the other social media presence I had. Most importantly Stephanie drew my attention to the importance of the right conversations with the right people to spread the word about my business and to also spot potential opportunities that I earlier had missed. I feel rejuvenated and my enthusiasm and zest is growing more and more with each Skype call we have. I wish they would never end.

If you are experiencing trouble in your small business and are looking for help then look no further than Stephanie. She is worth it!”

Rawia Liverpool

Behavioural Change Coach,

I had the privilege of receiving 1:1 coaching from Stephanie over a period of several months.

Although I’d been a business owner for three years by that point, working with her was what helped me to finally embrace my identity as an entrepreneur and start to take my business seriously.

She helped me to reframe marketing activities in a way that was aligned with my values and interests so that I saw it as “connecting.” Even years later, I still think about this at least once a week.

I always left our coaching sessions empowered, energized, and inspired to take action, even on tasks that I’d previously been putting off.

She always provided me with really practical ideas to improve my business and my marketing strategies which served as a guide I could come back to, even after our work together.

Her introductions to networking organizations and people in her own network have been instrumental in the success of my business – she really goes above and beyond to show that she cares about her clients and their businesses.

Even after our work together I’ve stayed in touch with Stephanie and consider her not only my former coach but also a dear friend.

If you’re a purpose-driven entrepreneur looking for support with your business and marketing, I would highly recommend working with Stephanie!

Melissa Parks, PhD

mindset coach for entrepreneurs,

“Really, words cannot describe ALL of the help you’ve given me over the past 8 months/6 sessions.

I love that I was given a stack of to-do items after every session. It really helped me get on the right track with confidence.

I’m feeling confident but now I know not to hesitate to ask for help if I ever feel stuck or lost. I will miss our sessions.

I will definitely put all of your action items into play and will keep employing “human” marketing approaches.”

Read about my experience working with Stephanie in this post I wrote – Why Free Content Will Only Take You So Far

Lisa Ferland

Creative marketing crowdfunding consultant for authors,

“If you need someone in your corner to provide wicked smart advice about being visible in your market, tailoring your message to perfectly fit your audience or taking meaningful action on bold, next steps, then Stephanie Ward is the coach for you.

Through humorous, deeply connected relationship building, Stephanie is able to magically weave together a strategy that is individualized for you, yet with an amazing (but gentle) push outside of your comfort zone. She is a master at the network effect, connections and communication!

In two calls, I was delivered more value than I ever thought possible and in a format that was bite-sized and simple for me to implement. I am a smart cookie and have always hustled, relied on my instincts and work ethic to get to a certain levels of success with my businesses, but not until I had my discovery call with Stephanie did I realize that I *needed* her expertise and high level thinking to round out what I was bringing to the table.

My systems and launch plan went from mediocre and haphazard to streamlined, intentional, and most importantly became a fine tuned roadmap that allowed me to be an authentic and cohesive leader.

Her attention to detail is incredible, her personal touches (a handwritten card in the mail!) is amazing and her ability to innately know JUST what you need is game changing.”

Naomi Hattaway

Impact Evangelist & Community Builder,

“Working with Stephanie was one of the best things I’ve done for my business.

After running my museum tours and travel writing business for two years, I was struggling with getting more clients. The word ‘marketing’ always sounded a bit scary to me. So, I was looking for someone with a friendly, open, but professional approach to help me out.

Stephanie and I had six sessions together. And from the first moment I felt like I was having a chat with a helpful friend who made marketing sound like a natural way of connecting with clients. It was an approach that really resonated with me.

She was well organized and pro-active. And after each session, I would leave with a few pages of notes and tasks to do. Stephanie changed the way I looked at marketing and attracting more clients. And, I learned how to implement those techniques in every part of my business.

Not only she was my mentor, but also became a lifelong cheerleader and supporter of everything I do. I trust her so much, that even now, a few years after we worked together, before some important decisions, I ask myself: ‘What would Stephanie suggest that I do?’ 🙂

Stephanie is a great connector, business inspiration and a lovely person. Working with Stephanie, was one of the best decisions I made as a small business owner.”

Tea Gudek Snajdar

Culture Tourist,

“If you need someone to stimulate your marketing creative thinking, to help you structure your business ideas and attract your ideal clients, then you definitely need Stephanie Ward.

I worked with Stephanie on my marketing strategy a year ago following the program Small Businesses in NL Who Want to Expand Internationally. Working with Stephanie helped me better define my marketing message, understand what it is I need to focus on in my business and find new international clients.

Stephanie has a wealth of business and marketing knowledge paired with real-world business experiences. Her consistent help, and always to the point feedback inspired me to move forward with confidence and get some amazing new clients! I can’t wait to work with Stephanie again in the future.”


Sofia Simeonidou
Content Writer and Designer / Yoga Teacher and Wellness Coach at &

“Stephanie helped me with my international marketing & expansion plan.

What I particularly liked is that she clearly has a lot of experience, comes up with good sources and great ideas, sends you a summary with action points right after the call and that we’ve worked towards a clear result: an international expansion plan.

I now know what steps I have to take to grow internationally and I have already taken the first steps. I can heartily recommend Stephanie to every small business owner who needs a concrete step-by-step plan to grow internationally.”


Maartje Blijleven

“For a long time, I had the dream to design gardens all over the world and to work from the coolest places on earth. I had no idea how to do the first step and to find projects abroad and I also didn’t know who to ask for help.

When I saw Stephanie’s offer on her website I immediately thought this is what I’m looking for.

It was easy and so much fun to work with Stephanie. Stephanie had brilliant ideas about how I could connect with potential new clients and how I would find the coolest projects abroad. She also gave me amazing tips for business tools and she connected me with the right people from her network.

Together we made a strategic plan that helps me to stay on track and to reach my goals. The plan already has a positive impact on my business and I can’t wait until I have designed my first garden on Ibiza.”

Jana Schmidtchen

Stephanie is a great coach and remarkable cheerleader. When we started I had a lot of idea’s and work but no structure and way to funnel the interest I was generating.

Stephanie helped me to get clear on what I wanted and how I could make it happen. Her advice and knowledge of tools seems infinite and very applicable to my conscious business.

After working with Stephanie I now have a rich list of prospects who I can offer a tangible service (authentic video portraits) which fits their needs and my desire to be sustainable in and with my work!”

Marja Godvliet

Stephanie is an amazing mentor for making your business strive to another level. She is extremely knowledgeable and has a “helicopter view” beyond anyone else I worked with.

She is very positive and helping you find the confidence to take the next step.

I highly recommend Stephanie for anyone who is looking for a world class business coach.”

Therese Järnkrok

Certified Health Coach

“What a warm, funny, generous coach to have! I was extremely lucky to be able to have Stephanie help me learn more about what my marketing strengths are so that I no longer have to faff around trying everything and achieving nothing.

Stephanie directly helped me build my confidence, play to my strengths, and get more clients. Most importantly she taught me how to ensure that I only attract and work with the clients who are a fit for me.”

Emma England

Project Manager for Socially Conscious Businesses and Community Groups

“I love Stephanie’s vision on connecting with people, this really fits with my company values and my business approach.

She pointed out helpful tools to me and helped me with some great insights for my company and international expansion.”

She has a hands-on approach that helps both in clarifying the big picture as in fine tuning the details. It was a joy speaking with her.”

Mieke Cuppen

Tableware designer,

Stephanie is a kind and generous person. I’ve known her for years before I had the chance to work with her.

Her generosity is what is most remarkable and why I loved working with her. Her approach is simple, focused and geared to who I am not what I “should” do as an entrepreneur.

She asked great questions to get to the heart of any area that I may be stalling in or not aware that I could do. I always enjoyed our calls because I learned a ton more about how to put myself out there, find the clients I wish to work with, and do it in a way that is aligned with me.

I still have my huge file of resources and tips from working with her. I go to it often when I feel stuck in some area of my business. I highly recommend her services if you are looking to move your business forward and find the right clients.

Susan de Vriend

Intuitive Coach,

“Stephanie is an expert Marketing Coach who I hired to help me develop an idea I had to attract sponsors and advertisers to my website and to solidify my brand. I should have hired her years ago.

By the end of our 20-minute Skype call,Stephanie had completely exceeded my expectations. I consider myself a creative brainstormer, but she came up with suggestions that hadn’t even entered my realm of consciousness.

She turned my idea into a concrete plan and gave me a short list of action steps I was able to take within MINUTES! Since our call, she’s kept right on encouraging me with virtual pats on the back and providing me with useful and helpful links and advice. I will most definitely use her services again. Thank you, Stephanie.”

Carolyn Vines

Black and Abroad

“Since 2010, I’ve been lucky to rely on Stephanie for savvy marketing advice for my business.

She’s a terrific teacher and mentor,great at encouraging and motivating rather than criticizing or being overbearing.

Brainstorming with her, she consistently comes up with useful ideas and opportunities, including ones I’ve overlooked.”

Becky McCray

“It is easy to discover that Stephanie is a fantastic marketing coach. You only need 45 minutes on the phone to learn how to communicate your business to future clients, effectively and in an organized way.

This would be enough to hire her without hesitation. But, to be honest, you will adore her for other reasons! You will learn much more if you watch her. She will teach you that details  are essential if you want to really take care of your customers. How? Sending you a welcoming, handwritten and personalized postcard. One detail that touched my heart.

She also will teach you to be enthusiastic about your business and believe in you. How? Being herself enthusiastic and positive about your business and believing in you. You will hang up the phone full of positive energy and eager to take on the world! I like people that are wise in their business and in life. There are not many, but Stephanie is one. Thank you so much Stephanie, has been a professional and personal pleasure.”

Alexandra Gallastegui

“Stephanie Ward has been my business and career coach for the past three years. She is my conscience, my voice of reason, and my courage. She constantly inspires me to be the best I can be: she cajoles, she motivates, she cares.

Stephanie brings something to the table as a coach that money just can’t buy — understanding. Somehow she is able to strip through all of your carefully-built layers of self-defense and deflection and tell you who you really are — and what you can really do. Would I have been as good at my work without Stephanie? I certainly wouldn’t want to have had to try.”

Mary van der Boon

“I met Stephanie through a mutual client about three years ago, she spent an hour touching base with me and absolutely kick started my networking & marketing practices for my business.

Now, everytime I see her, she ends up saying something that helps me refine and enhance my strategies – she is incredibly generous about what she knows and has a genuine desire to help you grow your business.

I absolutely recommend working with her – and if you want to see Stephanie’s generosity at work, just check out the wealth of content/giveaways on her website.”

Petra Benach

“Stephanie simply can’t help herself. If you ever have the good fortune to cross her path then you will witness they way she constantly thinks of solutions, ideas and connections for you.

Great ideas with great results, I love working with her. This is why I recommend her to all my clients as the best person I know to make your business grow. Just ten minutes with Stephanie and her innate wisdom and I made a small change to my business model that tripled my turnover in just three months!”

Jo Parfitt

Helping people to write their books at,

“When I started it felt for me that I was in a kind of a repetitive rut… you know, doing the same things over and over again, and I thought it was time to go to a higher level. I was mostly having individual sessions and my rates for these group lessons were still quite low.

Since working with Stephanie I have created a new e-book and I have 1750 subscribers now. I raised my fees and my webpage really stands out if you compare it to other language schools.”

Albert Both

“I needed some help with my overall marketing strategy for my book, Inspiring Global Entrepreneurs, that is co-written with Heidi Walker and I knew I needed to start with our website. It simply needed to market the book and what our project is much better than it has been.

So I hired Stephanie to help me work out what needed to be changed and/or added. Stephanie did just that. She raised some key points and how to action them, she gave me some great ideas for getting Amazon reviews and she pointed out aspects of our website that needed to be changed and what to change them to.

Stephanie also gave me some good tips on how to market better in general. I highly recommend Stephanie if you need a fresh eye on how to market your business. She really knows her stuff! And Stephanie is incredibly friendly and easy to talk to while remaining professional and knowledgeable. Don’t hesitate to hire Stephanie if you need help marketing your business.”

Meg Fenn

Creativity Through Diversity

“Before meeting with Stephanie I was kind of stumbling along because I didn’t expect marketing to be so important to my business. I did have one good idea though; to contact Stephanie. She started with asking me quite a few really relevant questions that already got me thinking. Followed up with a conference call in which she gave me a number of really good ideas, points of view and tips, resulting in a campaign plan. A plan that I can actually see me executing.

I got much more than I expected, including a really useful recap – real value for money!  And she managed to touch upon all the subjects I was afraid she was going to mention….., but in such a way that I can imagine myself taking action on those as well. Marketing is ‘making friends’ and with Stephanie it feels like having a real friend in business on your side, one who is really enthusiastic about your business! I would recommend her to any (small) business owner!”

Loes Blokker

“Before meeting with Stephanie. I had an action list for my business. However, in the midst of every task I got slowed down by my thoughts of uncertainty. Is this what I should be doing? How should I present myself?My meeting with Stephanie helped me create new action steps and clarify my marketing sequence. I feel that my business is truly a reflection of what I have to offer and I’m confident in how I present it.”

Megan Alter

“Before I started coaching with Stephanie I was very confused, out of focus, no niche market at all.

As a result of working together with Stephanie I reached these specific results:

–          I finalized my special report

–          I got a couple of free speaking engagements

–          I was able to increase my coaching fees

–          I got the first “real” customers

–          I launched my website

–          I started the systematization of my business

Blanca Vergara

“Stephanie is an inspiring coach with fabulous resources. Once you start working with Stephanie, be amazed with all the ideas that come your way. It’s almost like she is always looking out for you/your business once you have worked together.

Stephanie is genuine and extremly easy to work with. I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone who needs to take their business to the next level.”

Vinita Salome

“Stephanie Ward was my colleague back in 1999, when she had first moved to the Netherlands. Even before she started her coaching business, she was coaching me and many others.Coaching is not something she does, it is what she is!

Now that I have become a small business owner myself, Stephanie has become even more valuable to me. She has plans, ideas and suggestions for every phase my business is going through. Her wisdom helped me to get the niche-clients I was looking for! And she is so enthusiastic, she loves to share all her knowledge, her network and her resources. Stephanie is like a giant creative barrel full of ideas and solutions for just about every problem or challenge you might face.

And on top of that, she has the ability to always make me feel good about myself and my business, so that whenever I go home after meeting with her I always feel energized and full of inspiration. And with many funky new words in my vocabulary…”

Danielle Klinge

“When I first began working with Stephanie I had just set up my own business. I wasn’t sure how to approach the dreaded “cold calling”. Stephanie helped me with setting goals for making new business contacts, without ever making cold calls. I would highly recommend Stephanie to anyone in need of a professional coach.”

Melissa Crijns

“Stephanie thinks outside the box, got me to look at my business with new eyes. Her consultation is Focused, Precise and Specific. Great value.”

Kyrin Hall

“Starting a coaching series was a deliberate choice for me, after accepting my first managerial role. Up until then I had always been an executer, relying on myself to achieve good results. That had left me with little experience in getting exceptional results from others. Not knowing where to start, it seemed like a sensible idea to get some professional help from a good coach.

Stephanie helped me get confidence in my role as manager. She challenged me to develop a clear view of my personal and professional goals, and think about ways to achieve those goals. Initially our sessions were focused on short-term people management issues, and as my experience grew we moved to longer-term challenges.Stephanie’s coaching was to-the-point, effective and fun. I always look forward to sparring with her.”

Mathieu van Loon

“In just one coaching session Stephanie has given me so many tips and suggestions on how to profile myself in the best possible manner. She is motivating and enthusiastic – a great combination. If you’re a small business entrepreneur, don’t hesitate to hire her. It’s agood ROI. Thanks Stephanie!”

Mary Jane Roy

“The program Stephanie offers is complete, filled with information and Stephanie is always there for you to help you out if you are stuck with this adventure called social networking. Try the program, I have enjoyed all of it! You can learn a lot in very few weeks and finally rock! Thank you Stephanie!”

Patricia Gozlan

Stephanie has given me good insights for setting up my own company in a professional way. She talked me out of preoccupations about what could go wrong. She helped me and supported me whenever was needed. She is a great and dedicated coach!”

Jessica de Rooij

Watch the video below to hear Willy Gout of

Willy Gout

“I just listened to your special report audio file online. Several points appealed to me. In particular the reminder about asking for referrals and the reminder to identify good strategic partners that do not compete but complement your service.  The reassurance to focus narrowly is also well-taken.”

Bill Monsour

“Stephanie, you’re already raining marketing genius on me and we just met!”

Toma Haines

The Antiques Diva

“When starting the coaching, I was a bit skeptical, and heard a great deal of negative feedback from colleagues about their experiences with other coaches. I had a lower self-esteem and couldn’t bring all my ideas together to put them in action. It was a bit of scattered energy without focus.

Coaching kept me on course and forced me to think about my business and to work on my business instead of always in it.

My self-confidence grew and I found a pace that works for me. I also found balance through coaching, not only in business but also in my personal life.

Thank you Stephanie, you’re a firefly in my life.”

Lizelle van Antwerpen


“Stephanie, the chat I had with you a couple of months ago was so useful that now I am overloaded with work!”

Juliana Nino

El Nino Business Consulting

Stephanie helped me to focus better on my business and on the things that really matter. She also gave me tons of new ideas and inspiration for growing my business. My self confidence has increased, I know my strengths better and I know now how to use them efficiently.

Stephanie’s professionalism and knowledge are really amazing, for almost every problem she knows solutions or where to find them. I love her positive, proactive approach and her enthusiasm is infectious! Thanks Stephanie!

This is such a great report, Stephanie, I have it on my desk and I use it a LOT! It gives me all the marketing ideas that I can use every time and any time, over and over and over again! It keeps inspiring me, because what you say in there is SO valuable, I follow all the steps you show. It makes marketing so much more fun now!”

Trix Vertogen

Beatrix Vertogen Consultancy

“If you’re stuck with marketing your business and want more clients, you need to meet Stephanie. She can help you get really clear about your business and stay focused on the right path.   She accompanies you on that path with her vast marketing knowledge support.

Stephanie is a master in connecting people and generous in sharing her many contacts. She is abundant, enthusiastic, and totally committed. Her free special report and newsletter provide practical, hands-on information to improve your business.  With Stephanie as your coach you will get results. Very highly recommended!”

Joke Botman

Before I started coaching I was open and ready and felt Stephanie was a perfect fit about 3 minutes into our first phone call. I know about coaching and the value of getting support when faced with a challenging goal. I was thrilled that I found Stephanie so quickly, she was exactly what I was hoping for.

Because of the coaching I feel supported and as a result of feeling so informed with the impressive information Stephanie brought to me I felt able to move forward through the rather paralyzing fear that I had been unable to break through on my own.

I was able to benefit from an unexpected amount of valuable research that Stephanie had done. What a gold mine of information! I was able to make informed decisions and choices as a result. I felt like I had a clear map and set of instructions on how to follow through with my business dream. I love Stephanie’s clarity and ability to process large amounts of information. She is a powerhouse of networking skills!”

Tara Shannon

“I was confused about the direction I should go, torn between taking a leap to follow my heart and the opinions of other people (and the fear in my head) questioning my choice.

One of the most helpful things you said to me was also one of the very first things you said to me: Try it and find out for yourself whether it is a success before you let someone tell you it’s not a good idea. It’s the kind of thing you know already, but sometimes you just need someone to ‘remind’ you that you know it.”

Darla van de Riet

“I was at the beginning of my planning. I had an idea, but didn’t have plan. I knew what I wanted, but didn’t really know how to approach it.

Now I think about certain things from different perspective. Stephanie made it much easier to think about. I know that if I am on my own I would get lost in planning and eventually get too confused and frustrated, even might loose the motivation and let go.”

Zuzana Bubalova

“Your gift is your ability, being the intelligent mirror, to bring me from revelation mode into action mode.”

Basjan Mol

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