8 Keys to Creating Remarkable Offers for Your Clients

If you’re charging your clients per hour for your services I highly recommend you stop.

And if you’re selling your products individually without anything extra, I’ve got ideas for you.

Why offer the ordinary when you can stand out by creating tantalizing packages for your clients?

Creating Your Packages

Packages can combine products and services or can be a combination of various products. This is where you get to be creative and think deeply about how you can best help your clients.

1. Ask Your Clients

Ask your clients what they want, you can use tools like Survey Monkey or Typeform. But, don’t stop there. Be innovative, think about what you could create for them that would delight them.

Because remember what Henry Ford said, “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

Ideas for Components of Your Packages:

  • Time with you in person one-on-one
  • Time with you in person in a group
  • Time with you virtually one-on-one (on the phone or Skype)
  • Time with you virtually one-on-one (on the phone or Skype)
  • Email support (unlimited or a specific amount)
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group
  • Resources (books, ebooks, webinars, services, suppliers)
  • Access to Your Network (introductions, connections, organizations)
  • Offer content in various formats (audio, pdf, video, email)
  • In Person Events

For a few more ideas, as well as additional independent revenue streams, read my post: Creative Ways to Increase Your Profit: 17 Ideas for Additional Income Streams.

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2. Provide a Choice

Depending on your business, you can offer the equivalent of a Small, Medium, and Large size packages or Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Or you can create packages with the same components that cover different topics.

The point is to offer a choice, but not too many. Because when people are confronted with too many choices they become paralyzed and do nothing. Three choices give a person enough options without overwhelming them.

3. Offer a High-End Package

In addition to your three offers you need to have a super juicy high-end offer. Not everyone will want, in fact most people will not. But, no one can buy it if the offer isn’t there. Examples are a VIP day, an exotic retreat, or an exclusive Mastermind Group.

4. Experiment

Finally, it may take time to come up with the right packages. You have to be willing to experiment and try different things. Just to be sure to give each new package enough time to test it and get feedback from clients.

Selling Your Packages

I’m not going to give you a template for a sales page here because not all offers have their own sales page. Rather, I’ll discuss the key areas that are important to address when communicating your packages on your website.

5. Describe Your Packages

Clearly explain all of the components of your offer and how it works. Discuss how and why it is valuable and specify the results the person will get.

6. Answer Questions

No matter how well you outline your packages, there will always be questions. So why not offer to discuss questions via email or even better on a phone or Skype chat.

7. Offer a Payment Plan

Sometimes the difference between someone making the decision to say yes comes down to something simple like being able to spread out the investment over time. So consider offering a payment plan.

8. Make it Easy to Buy

And be straightforward about how someone can purchase your packages. Is it an online payment? Do they need to talk with you first and then you send an invoice?

I hope you’re feeling inspired to take action and revamp your packages in a way that will serve and delight your clients.

Updating or creating new packages doesn’t have to be a struggle, the process can and should be fun.

If you’re daunted by the prospect of tackling it alone, grab a buddy and help each other brainstorm new combinations of magic.

Bottom line, take action now and be willing to continue to experiment and test out new ideas on a regular basis.

© Stephanie Ward

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How do you create your packages? If you don’t have packages, what would stop you from creating them? Share your comments and questions in the comments section below. I respond to every single comment.

Stephanie Ward

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