7 Ways to Increase Your Visibility, Get Seen, & Get Hired Stephanie Ward

If people can’t see you, they can’t hire you.

If people can’t see you, they can’t tell other people about you.

If people can’t see you, they can’t offer you fabulous opportunities.

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” Brene Brown

It is my deepest desire that you make a prosperous living doing what you love. And to do that, you need to be highly visible.

And the magical thing about increasing your visibility is that in addition to reaching the goals you set, you will also encounter remarkable opportunities that you never imagined.

Imagine the phone ringing and you get invited to give a talk at a conference where your ideals clients will be or getting a call to give an interview.

Imagine that more of your ideal clients find you on your website and hire you.

Picture a group of raving fans who tell others about you and your business and the new clients that come from these referrals.

Think about exciting new opportunities being offered to you by fabulous partners.

Finally, imagine having expert status and feeling more confident, secure, and happy.

You can have all of this. But first, you have to make a decision.

If you want different results, you have to take different actions. This means you’re going to have to do something new. Which might be scary.

I love the Eleanor Roosevelt quote, “Do one thing every day that scares you.”

You need to make a decision. It’s a decision that only you can make.

You need to decide that you are willing to do what it takes to be seen.

And once you decide to act, the possibilities are endless.

“Decision is the spark that ignites action. Until a decision is made, nothing happens” Wilfred A. Peterson

It’s important that you have a solid foundation in place so that when get more visibility, it will actually convert into business for you.

You need to have clarity about WHO you serve and WHAT you do for your clients. You need to know what makes you unique and you need to communicate all of this in a clear way.

So if this is an area where you need to do some work, tackle this first before you launch your visibility campaign.

Visibility is about being seen. To be seen you need to stand out. To stand out you can’t be the same as everyone else.

Highlight and embrace your uniqueness, your quirkiness. There’s a great story about this in the book REWORK where they talk about what the Japanese call Wabi-Sabi, which is about showing all of the parts of you. The more you you can be, the better. For more on this check out my video, Are You Showing the Real You in Your Business.

The goal is to reach more of the right people, to connect with bigger audiences.

I’m not suggesting you do all of the strategies I’m about to share. I’m all about only doing things that fit for you. So choose one or two to start with.

It’s better to go deep with a few strategies instead of wide with several strategies.

And you’ll want to be sure to leverage each of the strategies you choose.

7 Visibility Strategies


1. Speaking

You can create and host webinars or teleclasses to share your content.

Webinars can be slides only, you talking or a combination of both. Teleclasses are audio only. They can be free or paid.

Speaking in a wonderful way to be visible and connect with people because they get to experience you. Get more tips on speaking in my post, Nothing Brings You Clients Like Speaking.

You can leverage your speaking by recording it so you can share it. It’s also good PR to take photos of you speaking and post those on your website.

2. Get Interviewed

You can give written interviews where someone sends you questions and you answer them.

Sometimes someone talks with you and then writes up an interview.

You also be interviewed on video or audio (see more below on podcasting)

Be sure to share interviews on your website and blog and on social media. Leverage is key.

3. Interview People

You can also turn the tables and be the person conducting the interview. I interview successful entrepreneurs and ask them what their top marketing tips are for small business owners. An example is the interview I did with David Allen of Getting Things Done.

Same idea here as being interviewed, you can give written questions, talk with someone then write, do video, audio, or a podcast.

Leverage your work. Again, share the interviews on your website and blog and on social media.

4. Podcasting

Podcasting is hot right now so if you love to talk, and you’re not excited about video this is perfect for you. And it’s easier than ever to start a podcast.

Or you can approach people who have a podcast about being a guest on their show.

You can share your podcast on your website/blog and also on the host platform (iTunes) as well as social media.

5. Video

Video is exploding right now.  YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine behind Google. You can do talking head videos and share tips. Video is a way to create connections with people, the next best thing to in person. More on how to get started with video here.

But there are many more options. As I mentioned earlier, you can interview others so you are not on camera. You can also create video recordings of your webinars where you teach people how to do something showing slides and only hearing your voice.

Videos can also be shared in blog posts and on social media. Increase your reach by leveraging your content.

6. Blogging

Blogging is an amazing way to show your expertise and share valuable content with your ideal clients. And of course you want to share your blog posts on all of the social media channels you’re using. And make sure your blog is optimized so that people share your posts and you get more visibility. You need share buttons and you need to show popular or related posts (not archives) so people can get an idea about your expertise.

And you can also leverage your content by also sharing your blog posts on LinkedIn Publisher. More on that in my post, Don’t Ignore the Opportunity to Get Your Business Known Using LinkedIn Publisher.

More information on blogging, A Few Things You Don’t Realize Your Blog is Missing and Why Your Blog Posts Aren’t Being Seen and 9 Ways to Fix This.

7. Guest Blogging

With guest blogging the idea is to reach a new group of your idea clients by researching other business owners who blog that target the same group of people but with a different (but related) topic. Examples could be: a nutritionist writing for a lifestyle blog or a copywriter writing a post for a website designer’s blog.

I hope you’re feeling motivated to take action and create opportunities to increase your visibility.

So when opportunities show up for you, say yes. Don’t wait until you’re ready, because you’ll never feel ready.

Get over the fear of asking for what you want. For more on this read my post, Why You Must Ask and How to Handle No.

You are the leader of your business so it’s up to you to make the decision.

You are the one who can make this happen.

You must be relentless in the pursuit of reaching your business goals.

You’re going to have to learn how to do new things and it can be done.

You have to ask yourself what is more painful: Staying under the radar or being willing to step up and step out – even if you are afraid.

I hope you will take action.

© Stephanie Ward

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How do you make sure your business is visible? Share your thoughts and questions in the below in the comments section. I respond to every single comment.

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