Have you ever had a client that wasn’t a good fit? If so, you know how frustrating and exhausting it can be. It’s possible to work only with clients you love and never take on a mismatched client again. Watch this short video to find out how. Don’t miss any new marketing videos, simply click […]


As business owners, sometimes we get stuck and don’t take action because of fear. Watch this short video to discover how you can get over the fears that you may have and move forward with your business today. Don’t miss any new marketing videos, simply click on the red ‘YouTube’ button below:   For more […]


Stop Avoiding the F Word in Your Business

by Stephanie Ward on December 3, 2010 · 1 comment

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One of the biggest issues I hear from business owners is that they lack clarity about their business and therefore focus. That’s the F word you need to embrace. They are looking for a way to get rid of all the confusion and clutter and discover what’s most important. When you have focus in your […]

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What do you stand for in your business? Tough or easy question to answer? When you are clear about the purpose of your business, marketing is so much easier and can actually be exciting. In Roy Spence’s new book It’s Not What You Sell, It’s What You Stand For he defines purpose this way, “Purpose […]


    Many times business owners get stuck when it comes to marketing because they feel uncomfortable doing it. They are afraid of being seen as pushy, intrusive, or fake. What if you could change the way you think about marketing by connecting to your true intention for doing it in the first place? Have […]


    As a business owner your time is precious. You probably have multiple requests from people that are pulling you in many directions. But, if you say yes to every invitation that comes your way, you will not have time for the activities that are critical to growing your business. What I frequently hear […]


What’s stopping you from doing the things you know you want to do in your business? Not enough time and a lack of focus can be obstacles to taking action. But take a closer look and see if these are the real issues. Is it possible that you really do know what you need to […]


I know it’s a radical idea, the death of your to-do list so bear with me while I explain. Think about it, a long to-do list is a giant energy drain and waste of time. Have you ever noticed how the list keeps growing instead of disappearing? Imagine waking up every morning feeling confident that […]

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